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Vancouver flights from London, anyone been recently?

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SecondhandRose · 29/11/2004 18:10

Need to book flights for next summer but they seem very expensive (£2600 for 2 adults and 2 children). Should I wait until nearer the time, does anyone know if this route gets discounted?

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froot · 29/11/2004 18:22

message withdrawn


froot · 29/11/2004 18:23

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hana · 29/11/2004 18:41

try also canadian affair


august24 · 29/11/2004 19:17

Also, go directly to the airlines website and sign up for their e-mails, that way you will be able to see when they have sales. When I was looking for tickets to go home (to the USA) for Christmas, the ticket prices would go up and down up and down, and I found that it really depended on the time of year I wanted to go(I was also looking for summer) and the demand(obviously huge at christmas.) We ended up buying tickets through, and the tickets we got were far below any others. Also, if you find tickets on something like priceline, it always is a good idea to look at the airlines website too. BA is always cheaper on its own website then any other ones.


LunarSea · 29/11/2004 19:57

Canadian Affairs website is here . Zoom is here .

Also look at Air Transat - bookable through Globespan .

We do UK to Vancouver quite regularly and we've also sometimes gone via Seattle, and driven up to Vancouver (not far in the general scale of things over there if you've got plenty of time) which is generally a cheaper route.


SecondhandRose · 30/11/2004 08:15

Thanks everyone for that great advice. Lunarsea, what should we not miss when we are there. We are going to West Vancouver on a house swap.

OP posts:

MeerkatsUnite · 30/11/2004 12:57


We used Air Canada to fly direct to Vancouver (no stopovers) and found them to be both very good and reliable (they are cheaper than BA as well). Takes around 9.5 hours to fly there from Heathrow. Got a good deal from their website; do not think this particular route on AC is much discounted particularly in August.



highlander · 30/11/2004 18:04

AC were doing a reasonable deal last month. We've just returned from a Vancouver-Belfast (via London) trip and the cheapest deal was with Expedia.

In the past, Priceline always got me good deals but you had to be very flexible.

Ooh, just noticed you're coming to my neighbourhood! Contact me if you need any help.

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