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jabs for S Africa

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Cll · 06/11/2002 13:52

Going to Cape Town in Jan with a group of folks and someone's just asked if I've given the kids any jabs. To be honest it hadn't occurred to me taht they'd need any - surely it's much the same as here. Bothe are up to daet with MMR, tetanus etc. CAn anyone think of anything else they'd need?

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 06/11/2002 13:57

I don't think you need any for S Africa do you? You could check the MASTA site, will see if I can find a link for you.

WideWebWitch · 06/11/2002 13:58

OK, the MASTA site is here

Meid · 06/11/2002 14:33


You sound as if you are fine unless you plan to go to a game reserve. Then you need to look closely at where the game reserve is, in case you need anti-malaria treatment.

Not meaning to steal your thread, does anyone know if there is a problem with mumps, measles or rubella in SA? We are going in January and dd hasn't had her MMR yet. Don't worry, I'm not trying to bring up an MMR discussion - I just wondered about it in relation to SA.

JanZ · 06/11/2002 14:58

To echo Meid's response - you don't need any jabs for SA. If you're going to the Kruger Game Reserve, you'll need to take anti-malarial tablets - especially as you'll be there in the summer. I think the southern game reserves are OK - but you're best checking.

WRT MMR - my ds was 13 months when we went last year. He hadn't been called officially for his MMR, but I made a special appointment for him to get it early (a couple of weeks before we left), as I couldn't be sure of the "status" of any kids we might have met (and my aunt does a lot of work with pre-schools for black kids, which I knew we would be visiting). But then, without wanting to get into the MMR debate, I'm very PRO the jab.

Meid · 06/11/2002 15:58

My dd will also be mixing with children from lots of different backgrounds so on further consideration I think I will make an appointment for her to have the MMR done before we go. We were always intending on having it done, this just means a bit sooner than planned so no big deal.

Cll, back to the original question, I've just remembered that dd had the tb jab when she was 10 weeks old because we would be taking her to Africa so probably worth taking advice on this, although I suspect the answer will be not to bother.

Essie · 23/11/2002 19:13

I am probably adding too late to this thread - but thought as I am living here at the moment it may be helpful. Because of the vast difference between the rich and poor - black and white, the white kids seem to get jabbed whilst the black families really can't afford them. If you are visiting townships and your kiddies are coming with, then you should definately get them jabbed. My son (22months) was given his MMR in UK, They don't give the MMR jab here - unless you go to the Pharmacy and make a request for it!!!! The gov don't think it necessary! Shall definately be getting my dd (10months) done in a few months time!
Anyway - you have probably got this all sorted and your kids all jabbed by this point! Hope you have a fab time!

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