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Plane toys for toddlers?

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Yrmyfavourite · 22/08/2022 09:12


Taking my 3yo on a plane for the first time and wondered if anyone has any tips of what toys I can pack her to keep her occupied? It's not a long flight but, I’m thinking about airport time etc included. She's a very active child so, the more I can bring along to keep her occupied and seated, the better 😊

Thank you in advance!

OP posts:
ReeseWitherfork · 22/08/2022 09:14

Following with interest; we’ll be doing the same soon.
Top of my list is those magic water paint books.

AnnaBegins · 22/08/2022 09:15

Stickers and crayons, Tegu magnetic blocks - I love these as they are easy to fish out if dropped under seats because magnetic!

NewYorkLassie · 22/08/2022 09:16

Speaking from experience, just take an iPad. Even if they’re well occupied with other things you will spend the whole flight picking them up off the floor which gets very tedious very quickly.

Yrmyfavourite · 22/08/2022 09:26

Thanks for the replies!

We've just got a second hand Amazon fire tablet and some headphones and taken it on a couple of test runs in the car. She does like it but, gets bored after a while and wants to play. The magnetic blocks sound like a good idea. Thanks again both!


OP posts:
TruffleShuffles · 22/08/2022 10:32

My daughter is 3 and loves the orchard farm games and jigsaw puzzles. I pack them all in sandwich bags to condense them down and keep them all together. We can play them all together on the tray tables and they are good for round the pool and in the room when she needs a bit of downtime.

whoruntheworldgirls · 22/08/2022 10:45

I took her kindle fire and those crayola magic colouring books/pens. Tried stickers once but she tried the sticker the plane so took them away!
Magnetic blocks
We also now take Polly Pockets but yours might be a bit young for them?

PineappleWilson · 22/08/2022 10:48

tooth floss. Cheap but they'll sit for ages and spool it out. you can get small (A4) size water drawing boards too which are good but remember to class the water as a liquid at check in.

Mol1628 · 22/08/2022 10:50

Notebook and a pencil / crayons.

Pop its

Any fidget toys really

One tip I’ve read on here is to take a stash of things and get new ones out every 30 minutes or so so it’s keeping their interest longer, rather than giving it all at once.

Flowersintheattic57 · 22/08/2022 10:52

Just did a four hour car trip with three year old. I packed a new colouring book and stickers, a magic water pen colouring book, snacks, plasticine and a new Crybaby toy. The colouring activities lasted two minutes each, ditto the plasticine, and the Crybaby toy well over an hour! Snacks helped a lot too.

Obsidianrocks · 23/08/2022 00:31

iPad and snacks will be fine for short haul. Mine are also active and colouring/stickers/toys last for about 2 minutes each, get dropped on the floor and squashed, but take up a load of space in the bag. At that age, we’d download their favourite CBeebies programmes on the iPlayer app. Then you can string out a walk up the aisle to the loo for about 10 mins, then back to CBeebies.

Snugglemonkey · 23/08/2022 00:38

I found it useful to wrap up things for my son when he was smaller. He enjoyed ripping off the paper. Actually, he especially liked finding his own familiar things wrapped up inside.

LittleMissLego · 23/08/2022 00:46

Go to the local poundshop and collect a whole bunch of random stuff to keep her entertained. One gift per 30 mins or hour. Sticker books, small plastic toys, little cars, etc.

Raisins also make an excellent snack. They are fiddly so take a while to eat.

With headphones we found over the ear ones worked best as they are the nost comfortable.

BritInAus · 23/08/2022 00:58

iPad, drawing/activity books, those magnetic 'make a scene' books, polly pocket (but then I get stuck 'doing the voices' - urgh), a longer/chapter book for you to read to them, a few favourite figurines/duplo figures or similar.

LDJAM · 23/08/2022 04:26

I recently did a 9 hour flight with my 3 year old. I made a little sensory box with stuff I found around the house, playdough, cookie cutters, lolly sticks, a little dinosaur figure. I took a mess free colouring set, eye spy book, a couple of the lucky dip bags that had a little puzzle in and colours and book. His kindle with the Thomas minis game on and a hungry caterpillar game. He won’t watch tv shows. Lots of snacks too. I found the best thing though was the prep I did with him, I told him for weeks before what was going to happen.

reluctantbrit · 23/08/2022 09:10

I would stay away from puzzles and games. Too many small pieces.

We did new magazines, big treat for DD as I normally refused to buy them. A couple of books from a charity shop, ipad with favourites and Playmobil figures to act out her favourite stories. Sticker books were also not bad. Pad and crayons


Don't forget to put something into your suitcase for the flight back as well.

fannyfan · 23/08/2022 09:17

Play doh
Those jelly stickers that can go on the plane window

GlueyMooey · 23/08/2022 12:34

Fuzzy felt!

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