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Best family places in Greece

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pinkyponkyplink · 13/08/2022 06:03

Can anyone recommend somewhere ideal for families with children 10 and under with a strip of restaurants and bars? We like to go out on an evening. Really don't want quiet places but want the beauty of Greece. Bonus points to recommend a hotel. I've just looked on Jet 2 at Lassi and all 3 star. Is a 3 star compatible with a 3 star in Spain?

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autienotnaughty · 13/08/2022 06:40

My favourite Greek hol with kids was about 5 year ago and it was Alikanas in zante, busy enough that there was plenty to do and see but not a party town. Can't remember hotel but it was lovely.

Obviously depends where you stay but we found rhodes and corfu to be quiet. Kos very busy (we were in centre) Crete was also very nice with a good balance of things to do and not too lively.

We tend to go four star I've personally found hotels in different countries to be roughly same standard.

XelaM · 13/08/2022 08:59

Cyprotel Faleraki in Rhodes - amazing for kids with a waterpark and kids activities, walking distance from shops/restaurants and all the fun of Faleraki and the beach is one of the beat I have ever been on with absolutely clear water despite being sandy. It was my daughter's favourite holiday and we go away every year, but she keeps wanting to go back to Rhodes

XelaM · 13/08/2022 09:00

one of the best*

And a Faleraki is anything but quiet 😂It's super fun

Ebonyhorse · 13/08/2022 09:01


Campervangirl · 13/08/2022 09:52

Pefkos, Rhodes.
Fab place, one main street with streets running off down towards the beach.
Kids are welcome in all bars and restaurants, some of the bars on the mains street have children's play areas so you can have a drink, meal in peace.
Lindos (Google it, it's lovely) is just up the road 5km, there's a regular air conditioned bus service with a timetable displayed.
Head in the opposite direction to Lardos again approx 5km for watersports, rings, boat trips etc, again the bus goes there.
Pefkos, Lindos and Lardos all have lovely beaches.
Pefkos is pretty cheap if you go self catering in an apartment, lots of supermarkets on the main street.
You can eat out pretty cheaply.
There are pefkos fb groups if you want some recommendations.
We've been going to pefkos for 15 yrs

Campervangirl · 13/08/2022 10:05

Palm Bay Hotel, less than 10 minute walk along the main Rd, perfect except there's no pavement take a torch or use the torch on your phone, it's right on the beach but the downside is the main part of the hotel (self catering) is over the main Rd and the pool / bar is on the other side of the road Rd, might not be good for DC of they want to nip back to the room.
Chrysanthi apartments (self catering) is just off the main drag, in the centre, fabulous family, pool, pool bar etc.
Finas hotel (full, half board or self catering) lovely place on the main drag.
Summer memories next door to Chrysanthi.

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