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Where to go on hols in January.?????

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last · 04/11/2002 16:46

after 8mths of my dh working all the time we have decided to go on a proper holiday in January (7-10 days). My ds will be a year exactly so I would like minimum time changes and minimum flying time, while also wanting to get somewhere warm enough for him to paddle in the sea. I want to book it properly and have a proper hotel which is child friendly but also with some privacy. Maybe cabins, defintely low level, basically posh pampered hippy! Money is, as always, an issue but will willingly pay a bit more for something that is right. My only thoughts so far is everywhere I really want to go is too far (in time and travel sense)but did vaguely think of Tunisia and the Cape Verde as possibilties. Any thoughts, tips and experience welcomed with open and grafeful arms.

OP posts:
Jaybee · 04/11/2002 17:02

What about Tenerife or one of the other Canary Islands - usually pretty warm there at any time of the year - not that far away and you can usually get some pretty cheap deals over there.

percy · 04/11/2002 22:12

Hooray - we are off to Gran Canaria for a week in January. We did the same 2 years ago and the weather was glorious. Highly recommended. We stayed in Maspalomas last time, and are returning again.

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