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Has anyone been to the Balearic Islands recently?

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ihatethecold · 08/06/2022 06:08

I’m flying to Majorca on Friday and I believe all I need to download and show is a valid covid pass (3 separate jabs)

I’ve read the Spanish entry page plus the links on BA.

I can see that I need to download Verifly to check in quicker.

anything else?

did you have to wear a mask everywhere on the island?

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AperolWhore · 08/06/2022 06:50

I’m going next week but my friend has just got back, she said you only need the Covid pass for proof of vaccination to travel and masks were really hit and miss over there. Ryan air insisted on the flight and so did half of the taxis she took but she said restaurants and bars didn’t require them.

I’ve packed some to be safe and will see what happens when we get there I suppose.

Have a fab holiday!

ihatethecold · 08/06/2022 14:39


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BinBandit · 08/06/2022 20:41

Just back from Menorca yesterday, assume same would apply across the Balearics. All that was required was either the paper copy of the covid vaccination record or the one on the app. We had a mixture, we did think that no-one was going to check. We were just asked by the staff at the baggage drop in the UK if we were vaccinated but they were happy with just a "yes". After we passed through security towards the baggage reclaim in Menorca, we were asked for the evidence and they just scanned the QR codes from the paper or phone and we passed straight through. We flew with Jet2, no mask requirement on the flight, there were a handful of people wearing one which is obviously up to them. Same on the transfer coach. We didn't take any taxis but we did need masks on the public bus. None for bars or restaurants or shops. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Twixie2022 · 08/06/2022 21:08

back from menorica a couple weeks ago. Had to wear a mask on public transport so bus, taxi, coach transfer & also had to wear one if you needed to go into a pharmacy. Had paper copies of vaccine and were asked in airport for them on way there. They just scanned them.

IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat · 08/06/2022 22:13

I flew back from Majorca last Thursday.

We took printed copies of our nhs covid passes and these were scanned at Palma airport on arrival, after passport control but before baggage reclaim. If you are fully vaccinated & boosted adults the covid passes should be all you need.
We had to wear (and provide) surgical style face masks on the plane as we flew with a Spanish airline.
I think masks are still mandatory on public transport in Majorca but we didn’t travel around much whilst there so can’t be totally sure.
Nobody was wearing masks in either airport (UK or Palma) or in the hotel, shops or restaurants we visited whilst on the Island.

Simplelobsterhat · 08/06/2022 22:26

We just got back from menorca. Showed print outs of our covid passes at arrivals. Not heard of the app you mentioned but we were with tui. The only time we wore masks were on buses. The public buses we got everyone was wearing them. The tui transfer coach arriving the rep announced they were mandatory and we should wear them if we had them, but as far as I saw we were the only people on the coach who actually put them on. On the way back to the airport I completely forgot and no one said anything.

ihatethecold · 09/06/2022 09:17

Thanks everyone. Really helpful.

OP posts:
legosnowqueen · 10/06/2022 22:33

@IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat are the basic face masks ok in Mallorca or is there a specific type?

IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat · 10/06/2022 22:49

@legosnowqueen we used just the basic disposable masks on the plane and transfer coaches and that seemed to be fine.

It really was only on the plane that the masks rule was quite strictly followed (we flew with Alba Star). Everywhere else was quite relaxed with only a few people wearing masks by choice.

legosnowqueen · 10/06/2022 23:12

@IncyWincySpiderOnRepeat thanks - very helpful. This will be our first holiday abroad since 2019 & I want it to go smoothly 😀

Jsh125 · 11/06/2022 22:58

We flew home today. We just had the covid pass downloaded from the nhs app on our phone & they scanned the code at palma airport. No one asked us about our vaccination status at Bristol airport. We flew with easyJet who didn't require a certain type of mask and well over half the plane weren't wearing them on the return flight to Bristol. We only wore masks on the plane, Mallorca is like the UK where most places don't require them. Have a lovely time

ihatethecold · 17/06/2022 12:36

Well, I got back from Palma on Tuesday eve.
tested positive for covid on Wednesday! 😥

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