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Where would you go long haul in August?

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MavisMonkey · 01/06/2022 06:43

I know this is a very fortunate problem to have but...

I have got hundred of thousands of BA Avios and two companion vouchers that I need to use in 2023 so I am thinking of where we can go to use them up.

We will be travelling with our kids who are in school so are restricted to August and I want to go long haul as this gets the best "value" from the Avios miles so these are my main two criteria.

We would love a destination where we can spend 2 weeks and possibly travel around a bit and get a mix of city / active / culture highlights and then do some relaxing, so not just a beach destination. The kids will be 9 and 11 so somewhere that will hold their interest.

We would like sunny weather which seems to rule out most of South America and Asia at this time of year but conversely we are not great in extreme heat so we have ruled out a Texas road trip. Mexico, Hawaii and a east coast Vancouver / Seattle based road trip are current ideas but thought I would see if MN could throw some other ideas in the mix!

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TizerorFizz · 03/06/2022 09:46

Tryimg to get companion voucher seats to Vancouver in August will be virtually impossible. It’s high season.

The route maps are useless for CV use. You need actual flight schedules snd then search CV flights when they open up. We have never got Vancouver. I’m very interested in Portland for the future though.

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