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Hotel suggestions for a young family

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TheMindfulMum · 25/05/2022 23:39

We are hoping to go abroad next summer for the first time with our children who will be 5 & 7.

IMO our want list isn't big...
All inclusive
On (or very near to) the beach
Decent size kids splash pool/splash pad (suitable for 5 & 7 years - not too big/deep but not too small either where they get bored after half an hour if there's only one slide)

However, the choices after entering those search parameters are minimal! I'm shocked to the point where I actually feel the filters on my searches aren't doing the job correctly and I'm missing out on loads of options.

Unless I scroll through hundreds of hotels to read the text or swipe through photos, I don't appear to be offered more than the one or two hotels my searching have so far produced.

The only hotel that really seems to fit the bill is the TUI Aura Blue hotel in Ibiza but it seems the kids splash pool is shoved at the back of the hotel :( so our vision of relaxing on a lounger whilst the kids play safely in shallow waters isn't as appealing knowing we'd have brick buildings stacked around us rather than a nice pool or sea view. Maybe I'm expecting too much?!

Can anyone suggest a hotel they've visited that would fit the bill? The kids pool ideally needs to have a reasonable amount to keep them occupied - a few small slides, water jets, tilt buckets etc.

OP posts:
lanbro · 12/06/2022 14:13

Globales Los Patos Park in Benalmadena, Spain would fit your requirements

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