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Travel to Spain

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Amei · 02/05/2022 20:36

Hello I was wondering if anyone could help, I fly to Spain next week and I have the NHS App where it lets me click covid pass - travel, and gives me a QR code however I've read another thread where the lady had to upload a video verifying her identity and experienced issues.

I've never had to upload a video to the app to verify my identity and now I'm slightly worried I'm going to experience issues. Is anyone able to advise at all xx

OP posts:
thehumansaredead · 07/05/2022 06:56

We are going on the 12/5. I have just printed off my travel vaccine certificates from the NHS app. I think that's all we need? I think I did I have to upload a source of identity initially when I set up my nhs app but it was ages ago. I am guessing if it will let you print or see you passes & they have qr codes then you are ok.

I keep rereading the entrance info, I am thinking we don't need to fill in the travel health entry form as we have out vaccine pass. Is that correct ?

PandaOrLion · 07/05/2022 07:03

You don’t need to do the video. It’s only if your GP surgery requires that to access the QR code etc.

im flying today and we’ve had to do a form - we’re not in the EU so can’t follow the same “just show the code” as we don’t have the EU code. Loads of info on my flight website when I checked in and the form took about a minute. You need seat numbers so we had to wait till check in.

Google “Spanish Covid restrictions” and the site is pretty good - it’s all about taking the orange or blue route at the airport dependent on what kind of form you’ve done (ours is blue).

CeeceeBloomingdale · 07/05/2022 07:12

I didn't need to do the video as I was registered with my GP surgery to make appointments online. I had to show ID and fill in a firm for this years ago. DH and DD both had to to the video as although they are at the same surgery they had not registered for online appointments. The end result is the same, if you can see your travel pass that's all you need.

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