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UK holiday vs stay with grandparents vs staying home

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Fruitteatime · 02/05/2022 07:37

I'm wondering whether it's worth us booking a UK holiday this year. Grandparents live near a UK holiday destination so we can get our fill of day trips from staying with them. However holidays away from extended family have a very different feel and we've only been away twice by ourselves since our 8 year old was born! It will mean that time we would have spent seeing extended family, will be shorter over the summer and we'll have less time at home. My dp doesn't have an opinion- if it was up to him he'd rather not spend any money and stay at home, so am coming for opinions here to help me make up my mind. Are you staying with family, staying home or going elsewhere this year?

OP posts:
zafferana · 02/05/2022 07:48

Given the choice, OP, what would YOU like to do. You've mentioned the practical suggestion (day trips from parents' house) and what your DP would like (to spend no money, go nowhere and do nothing), but what about you? Do you daydream about going somewhere else, just the three of you and having a proper holiday?

rookiemere · 02/05/2022 07:52

I'd have a look at holidays and see what's available. Unfortunately it might be slim pickings at this stage for a UK school holiday time break.
I'd say a proper holiday is worth having, but not worth paying over the odds for. Maybe look for next year and book something cancellable so if circumstances change you can always cancel it.

Fruitteatime · 02/05/2022 08:05

Yes am definitely daydreaming of a holiday for just us. We've been away with my parents which can be lovely and stressful but haven't been away since 2019 by ourselves. But I know it's expensive and uses time we could spend with our parents. We live a few hours away and I feel guilty that they are getting older and DD doesn't get to spend much time with them.

I have found somewhere with a few compromises that's just slightly over our preferred budget, 8 say preferred because we could afford more but are hanging on to our savings for a rainy day.

OP posts:
rookiemere · 02/05/2022 08:11

Go for the holiday then @Fruitteatime .

I'd add that it's not a long period before DCs are less than keen to go on holiday with you ( DS stopped wanting to unless cousins or a friend around from age 13) and they surely would enjoy a proper holiday rather than a relative visit with day trips if you can afford it.

Surely with school holidays and annual leave there is plenty of other time to visit DPs and have a holiday not at theirs.

whatsagoodusername · 02/05/2022 08:17

Go for a holiday.

Visiting family, even if they are in a lovely holiday spot, is not a holiday. It's visiting family with nice day trips. Completely different set up, completely different vibe.

Visit family and you'll still want a holiday.

zafferana · 02/05/2022 08:18

I agree with @rookiemere - go away with your DD while she still enjoys going away with you, because it doesn't last forever. You think it will, but by the time she's 13 or 14 holidays won't be the same at all. She'll be on her phone the whole time, she'll moan about missing out on what her friends are doing, and even if you go somewhere amazing and special she may not appreciate it, because teenagers often don't. You're in a finite window of time, don't squander it. If you have the money, go somewhere nice this year.

Abraxan · 02/05/2022 08:41

I love my parents but I wouldn't see staying with them as a 'holiday.' It's visiting family, albeit in a nice location by the sea, for an extended time rather than the weekend.

But we love family holidays, the three of us, and always have done. Just doing your own thing, without the demands of work and other people.

TizerorFizz · 02/05/2022 08:42

I would like to reassure the op that plenty of DC do enjoy holidays with their parents even as teens. We took them to lots of places that were amazing and my (now well over 20 year old DC) still talk about their holidays with us. Fortunately we had Dc who had interests we could accommodate and they enjoyed what we did on holidays.

However @Fruitteatime I would insist on a holiday away from relatives and home. Go somewhere new and try something new. Show something of the would to your DD. Educate her about the world or even another area of the uk. She will benefit greatly. I’d leave DH at home. What a misery!!!

TizerorFizz · 02/05/2022 08:43

of the world that should read….

Skyeheather · 02/05/2022 08:48

I would go on holiday just the three of you. Going to stay with your parents is "going to stay with your parents". You can do that anytime.

I just booked our summer holiday, a week in a cottage by the beach and there was plenty of availability. Also, we plan to spend every day on the beach or walking along the coastal paths, you don't have to have expensive days out. We'll be self catering so paying the same for food that we normally would but we will buy some ice creams, fish & chips, sticks of rock etc.

Fruitteatime · 02/05/2022 09:47

I suppose I'm thinking there's also limited time for DD to see her grandparents and may also not want to stay with them as a teen. I should point out we have been away more than twice in DDS life but always with family or occasionally friends. Not abroad as we didn't get passports sorted before covid and we now all need new passports which is on the list to do for a holiday in the next couple of years. Seen too many threads on passport delays to try that for this year!

OP posts:
rookiemere · 02/05/2022 09:52

You're overthinking this. Just book the holiday and stay with them on another occasion.

Dumblebum · 02/05/2022 09:54

Agree, you’re overthinking, it’s just a holiday, not some life defining event. If you fancy a holiday jist have one.

Fruitteatime · 02/05/2022 18:34

I know I'm overthinking but it's not an insignificant amount of money to spend. Not planning on driving too far so it may not be an educational trip but want space where we can all relax and do a few day trips from. Dp wants to do this from home but I don't think I can relax in the same way at home. What websites are good for making UK holiday bookings?

OP posts:
motogirl · 02/05/2022 18:44

We used to do every other year - my parents live near the coast, a place people pay £££ to stay at. My parents ti be fair provided full board, babysitting and non alcoholic drinks (they don't drink) so how could I complain. With the money saved the following year we would take European road trips

Abraxan · 02/05/2022 18:46

I would like to reassure the op that plenty of DC do enjoy holidays with their parents even as teens.

I second this. Dd is now 20y and still loves to come away with us, as well as having holidays with her friends. We are off to New York for a few days at half term, and we were planning the summer holiday when she was back for Easter break for university. She goes away with friends too (and we've just started having a holiday or two without her too) but still loves a free holiday with her parents - long may it continue too!

Oblomov22 · 02/05/2022 18:59

See your parents. But, Going away is exciting, nice, even if it's a new city for a couple of days.

nearlyspringyay · 02/05/2022 19:00

We are going away independently this year. Our holidays pre covid always ended up visiting family in the US and it's not the same as a proper holiday.

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