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How much does it cost to camp in Spain?

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BlossomBlossom · 25/04/2022 13:03

I have 4 children, a husband and a dog so holidays are expensive.

I booked a ferry to the North of Spain as I thought it would be a cheap holiday once we got there, but I am very confused about the campsite prices, they seem extortionate. (approx 1000 a week). The ferry was £1300, and I was hoping to do two weeks of camping and food all in for another £1000.

At this rate it would be cheaper for me to cancel the ferry, put the dog in kennels and fly us all somewhere.

Can anyone advise on campsites? Or comment on what they think this holiday should cost? Or sell me a great family holiday location elsewhere so I can cancel this disaster!

OP posts:
Segismunda · 19/05/2022 22:16

Hi Blossom!
The north of Spain is truly beautiful, but in general, is not cheap.
I don't know where you arrive, but the best choice would be Santander, because you could find cheaper campsites, not in the city, but in the surroundings (Cantabria region).
If your destination is Bilbao, despite being a really interesting area, it is the País Vasco, which is one of the most expensive regions of the country.
I would go for Cantabria and look for a campsite in Noja or another beautiful village with beach.
Good luck!!

Lolabalola · 19/05/2022 22:22

Have you factored in several hundreds of pounds for dogs rabies and travel health certificate? That alone would probably cover the kennel cost ?
Also will be hot and having a dog in a tent with four children doesn't seem like the most relaxing holiday ?
I'd kennel the dog
Find the cheapest flights to somewhere for the dates I could do
Then find an air bnb or cheap hotel
Saves all the tent lugging as well

PradaOnaBudget · 19/05/2022 23:08

The travel health certificates for the dog won't be cheap plus the north of Spain can be very wet, even in the summer. Are you sure camping there is a good idea? If you want cheap, I think leaving the dog here and flying on a package holiday is a better option.

The north of Spain is the holiday choice of the Spanish better-off holidaymakers. It's beautiful but certainly not cheap

whataboutbob · 20/05/2022 10:41

We have stayed here
it’s in Asturias and a very nice campsite, it’s 7euros per adult and 6 per child to camp. I didn’t think campsites were super expensive in Northern Spain, we are going there this summer too.

whataboutbob · 20/05/2022 10:42

I can recommend a few other campsites and hotels but they are all in Asturias , dm me if you are interested.

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