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Current wait times at the airport before flight

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Wedonttalkaboutboris · 19/04/2022 18:56

I posted a thread on here a few weeks ago and it was so useful I thought I would give it another go! We are flying out tomorrow from Newcastle at about 10.30. Ordinarily we would arrive about 2 hours beforehand but are wait times currently longer than normal? Does anyone know?

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PCReallyNeeded · 19/04/2022 20:20

Not directly helpful but in the last week I have flown out of Birmingham and also Heathrow (two short two day trips). Both airports were busy/slower than usual but not outrageously so. I would plan be at security two hours beforehand - so if you are getting a taxi and checking in online and travelling with hand baggage only then arriving at the airport two hours before hand but if you have to park the car, queue to check in, queue to bag drop then I'd leave longer if that makes sense.

I've just returned from Dublin which is having the same issues - they are recommending people arrive 3.5hrs before the flight! I arrived 3hrs before and it took an hour to return the hire car and bag drop etc so I was starting to queue for security two hours in advance and it worked fine.

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