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Puy du Fou, France

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Thingsthatgo · 09/04/2022 08:24

Has anyone been? We are going this year and I am so excited! Any hints and tips?
We are staying for 3 nights. We have booked some meals for dinners and we will have the takeaway food for lunches.
Are there any food shops there? Can we fill water bottles or will we need to keep buying water?
My children aren't brilliant at staying up late, do the evening shows go on very late? We are going in August so presumably it needs to be dark for the light shows?!
My French is mediocre, but my children don't know any. Are there any shows that you need to understand French to enjoy them?

Tell me everything!

OP posts:
Sswhinesthebest · 09/04/2022 08:28

We went about 13/15 years ago when it was still relatively new. Can’t comment on what it’s like now, but it was absolutely fantastic then.

We recommended it to friends who went a couple of years ago and they definitely enjoyed it too.

Have fun.

LIZS · 09/04/2022 08:31

We went about 13 years ago. Most shows have commentary in different languages via a headset. To see everything it is a long day but there are maps with different routes and timed to make showtimes. Some activities are underground and very dark so be aware if anyone is claustrophobic or dislikes waxworks/animatronics.

Ulysses · 09/04/2022 08:32

Following - we've been going to France pre-pandemic for years and really want to do this.

Theaspidistraiswilting · 09/04/2022 08:33

I would love to go there! Please update and tell us how it went!

bigTillyMint · 09/04/2022 08:36

We also went at least 15 years ago - DC would have been about 6 and 8? Or maybe younger. it was great Smile

BooSouls · 09/04/2022 08:40

We had many family holidays to France 20-30 years ago and a trip to Puy du Fou was always included.

The evening show was amazing, even in the mid-90s - we’d never seen anything like it with the fireworks, the actors and the animals. Just reading the title of this thread has brought back so many memories.

Absolutely no help in 2022 now though, sorry!

noodleone · 09/04/2022 08:42

We went in 2019, dc were 9 and 7. We've been a couple of times before that as well. It's brilliant.

Usual theme parks things - expect to queue, prioritise a few things (vikings, birds, colosseum) and maybe think about shade if it's really hot (there is a couple of shows indoors (musketeers and deniere panache)

I would recommend the headsets, we've done it with and without and it's better with especially for the children.

So jealous that you are staying there. Happy to answer anything else.

Thingsthatgo · 09/04/2022 10:51

We are staying in the Roman bit (the holiday is a generous gift from my DHs family). My DCs are 10 and 7 and really really love history and any kind of performance/theatre so I think it is going to blow their minds!
Thank you for all your help and tips.

OP posts:
StellaOlivetti · 09/04/2022 10:54

I went about ten years ago … absolutely amazing. You will love it. When we went, there wasn’t any chain food outlets ie franchises, although that may have changed. If I remember correctly we took sandwiches (day trip) but there were stalls for basics to buy. Definitely take water. I hope you have a brilliant time!

gogohm · 09/04/2022 11:27

I went about 12 years ago, wasn't great to be honest, bad English translations too. Might be better now.

lidolemon · 09/04/2022 12:51

We've been a couple of times, 1 day each. They publish the timetable the night before so you can make a plan. Queuing and getting out/around takes longer than you think, so if I had 3 days I would try to plan around seeing a zone. It's a big park and can be dusty, so don't bother dressing up and wear the most comfortable shoes/trainers you own. I am pretty sure you can refill drinks, they also had little cold steam showers to freshen up. There are 2 different night shows, the light and the big cinescene. It's absolutely worth getting tickets for the latter but you need to book early, we booked an January and some dates were sold out. Wrap up warm for this and take blankets.

tumpymummy · 12/04/2022 23:40

We went probably about 10 years ago, it was amazing. Still one of my favourite theme parks ever. Definitely get the headsets for the translation from french to english. I also remember the evening shows had to be booked separately. They were sold out when we went, so check that.

DramaAlpaca · 12/04/2022 23:43

We went years ago, it was amazing.

MsTSwift · 12/04/2022 23:50

We went five years ago. Saw the Vikings first blown away couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Just awesome.

DancingDaughter50 · 22/02/2023 18:03

@Thingsthatgo how did you book it I'm struggling with the website!!

Thingsthatgo · 22/02/2023 21:15

@DancingDaughter50 sorry I can't help with booking because it was booked by someone else as a gift. But, it was the best holiday we have ever had as a family. Something the kids will never forget.

OP posts:
Tigresswoods · 22/02/2023 21:19

Totally unique experience. The French put on an amazing show!!! Avoid August!

Itsalloutofwhack · 22/02/2023 21:39

We went last year for the second time with kids aged 12 and 9. So so good! Vikings and Dernier Panache were our faves - saw both twice over two days. You no longer buy the headsets from them. The audio is on the app, and free, I think. We were using Bluetooth AirPods from an iPhone which we only had with us by chance as we’d been intending to buy the headsets. Anyway, it was brilliant. There’s a new attraction this year too - 1920s circus / cabaret thing if I remember.

We were able to stay up for the evening show last year, just, but defo couldn’t have done it when we first went when they were 5 and 8.

Evening meals were good - we ate in two different locations and both had lots of choice. Daytime was a bit hit and miss. I don’t remember it being too junky but it was pricey.

You don’t say how old the children are, but if they can get a bit of a march on, the estimated walking distances between the shows can be quite overstated. That said, DH is a bit of a speedwalker! You can borrow buggies if you find, as we did first time, that our youngest wasn’t quite up to all the walking, but they need to be pre booked if it’s busy.

Nearly forgot, if you can, definitely get the queue buster thing - Pass Emotion - it is possible to see everything without it, but with it you can see your favourite shows twice!

Have a wonderful time!!

Itsalloutofwhack · 22/02/2023 21:43

also, no there are not any food shops but lots of takeaway stands. And there are lots of lovely shops selling beautiful hand made items, and you can watch the artisans make things such as leather belts, lace, soap, embroidery. All sorts. Aaaaand (!) there are also shops selling all sorts of costumes, weapons and gifts.

DancingDaughter50 · 22/02/2023 21:49


Fabulous! How long did you go for and which accmd did you stay in

Thingsthatgo · 22/02/2023 22:37

We stayed in the Roman villa and we did 4 days. Would highly recommend the pass emotion if you can get them. They are the VIP passes, they don't cost loads but you skip the queues and get the best seats.
The bird show is magic! I watched 3 times.

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