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Dubai/Maldives dual centre!

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user1471548941 · 16/03/2022 13:04

Looking for recommendations please! I cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons so we are looking at holiday destinations we’ve never considered before and thinking 5 days Dubai, 7 nights in the Maldives.

Due to Covid/transfers we’d like to book through an agent which I’ve never done before (usually research and book all the separate elements myself). So looking for recommendations for both an agent who would do a good job of this and also hotels in both places!

No kids- recently married couple in early 30s.
I’m a doer- I want to sightsee in Dubai so want a convenient location rather than just on the beach.
We’d then like a gorgeous place to relax in the Maldives after a stressful few months, ideally child free. We love good food, good views, a sunset and my requirement is a gym with treadmill as I will be training for a major sporting event at the time!!

Ideal spend would be around £6k but happy to spend around £8k for the perfect trip!

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