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Covid recovery certificate. Help!

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Canhearthemice · 24/02/2022 17:51

My DD had her first vaccine in Dec and then had Covid in January. She goes skiing in March so will need the recovery certificate.

I have been told it will automatically appear in her covid pass on her NHS pass but we definitely can't see it. We can only see her first vaccination details.

Are we looking in the wrong place?
When she had her positive pcr results, should we have requested it then? Do we need to download it from somewhere? We are at a complete loss and can't see who to contact if there has been an error.

Really hoping someone can help us to obtain her recovery certificate.

OP posts:
MissFritton65 · 24/02/2022 18:45

Mine is an additional page after my vaccinations details; I have 4 pages - 3 vaccinations and my recovery document. However it did not appear until 2 weeks after my positive PCR.

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