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Covid Cover

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Youmeanyouvelostyourkey · 23/02/2022 17:50

Hi. Looking for advice please. I have insurance cover for my summer hols but it doesn't cover covid ( it was taken out before covid hit and has been deferred twice).

I have complex medical cover so called my existing insurers who said that they can't add covid cover to my existing policy but that I could cancel my existing policy and then take out a new policy which would then cover it.

Only problem is that I will only get a 50% refund on my existing policy even if I want to update with same insurers.

So the question is - can I just get covid cover elsewhere and if so, any suggestions. As most insurance policies are tied to full travel and medical cover, I would get rejected on health grounds.

Any suggestions?

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MallampatiCatty · 23/02/2022 23:41

Coverwise might be worth looking at. We were pleased with their Covid cover back in January

HundredMilesAnHour · 23/02/2022 23:55

I also bought an annual Coverwise policy, in addition to my usual annual policy as the Coverwise covid for Covid is one of the best travel policies around (and is recommended as the best by Forbes).

Youmeanyouvelostyourkey · 28/02/2022 13:53

Thank you.... I shall take a look

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