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Snorkelling Tenerife

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redblonde · 31/01/2022 23:02

Hi there - we are off to Tenerife at half term, for the first time. I love snorkelling and see stuff online about snorkelling with turtles but they are all tours you pay for. If that’s how it works, no problem but does anyone know if you can just snorkel for free where the turtles are? Or can you recommend any good spots (with or without turtles!) Thanks.

OP posts:
Pootles34 · 29/03/2022 10:53

Hi @redblonde - apologies for resurrecting your thread, but we're off to Tenerife in Easter and DS loves snorkelling. How did you get on? Is there anywhere you can recommend?

redblonde · 29/03/2022 13:42

We had a great time - just found a little cove at Los Cristianos where we were staying that had enough fish to keep us happy. Just looking it up and it was at the beach Playa Los Callados. We also did a kayak snorkelling trip hoping to see turtles but didn't manage to see any. Lovely clear water and warm enough not to need a wetsuit, although it did make it easier! We will definitely be going back.

OP posts:
Pootles34 · 29/03/2022 15:28

Oh that sounds great - thanks very much, I've made a note of that! Glad to hear the water is warm too!

Scoobydoobydoo · 29/03/2022 18:38

Hello OP
Just shamelessly place marking for Tenerife tips
We are planning a trip with 2 teens in May.
So far we have Siam park and the volcano on our list
Any other recommendations?

Thanks very much

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