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I am soo confused about Covid passports/tests etc. Please help.

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TwigTheWonderKid · 28/01/2022 18:17

I am a grown up, normally very capable person but I can't get my head around what we need to do with regard to Covid passports and pre departure tests for a holiday in half term. I am terrified of doing something wrong and really cocking it up.

We are a family of 4 living in England and flying to Finland. Plus Mother in Law who lives in Wales.

DS2 is 12 and the country we are visiting does not require him to be vaccinated so I assume he doesn't need anything?
DS1 is 16. He is having his second jab on Tuesday 2nd Feb and we travel on Sunday 13th Feb. Should we get the app on his phone now and then look at it again after 2nd vaccination to check it's there?
DH & I are both triple jabbed so I guess we just download app and passport now?

Fit to Fly tests. I think Antigen tests are acceptable so we need to do those not more than 48 hours before we land? I currently have Covid but have had negative LFTs all the way through so am really hoping that continues.

Coming back. I think after 11th Feb we still need to complete a Passenger Locator form each but no one will need any kind of test before or after we come back. Is that right?

Sorry to be such an idiot but any help unpicking this or advice on anything I've misunderstood or not included would be much appreciated!

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