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France travel question

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SheriffCallie · 28/01/2022 12:15

We are heading to Paris in mid-Feb, and obviously have been keeping an eye on the changing rules. I have a question though, has anyone travelled with children under 12 very recently, and is able to confirm that they do not need to produce a negative LFT to enter France?
Having read the French government page, there is a section to indicate that children under 12 do not need to test, but later on it says all travellers from the UK need to produce a test. I am assuming the former is correct but before I buy tests for only half of us, I thought it worth checking with others who have been recently.
Any advice?

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weasle · 01/02/2022 12:21

Bumping for same question.

SheriffCallie · 01/02/2022 17:53

Fingers crossed someone hears our plea Weasle.

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ByMyName · 01/02/2022 18:13

I’m travelling to France mid February too. Children under 12 travelling with a vaccinated adult do not need to test.

averylongtimeago · 01/02/2022 18:33

This is the place to get up to date information.
Unvaccinated children under 12 travelling with vaccinated adults don't need a test.

The Facebook feed of the British embassy in Paris is also useful.
The attached photo is from there.

France travel question
SheriffCallie · 02/02/2022 16:36

Ah brilliant. That’s really good to know. Thanks for the info.
@weasle, here’s what we needed. Have a fab trip yourself.

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weasle · 02/02/2022 19:13


hettigruenes · 15/02/2022 17:17

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Moonshine86 · 20/02/2022 20:02

Apologies for asking on your thread but does anybody know if I need to apply for a vaccine pass for restaurants / Disney ? Or will my nhs app code be sufficient proof to enter venues? Me and my husband are double vaccinated and boosted recently. Thanks

Janek · 21/02/2022 18:49

Your NHS app qr code should be good enough, but when I went to France I downloaded the tousanticovid app and scanned my qr codes into that, because I knew that would definitely be fine.

Periwinkletoes · 21/02/2022 18:54

In Paris last weekend I was asked for my vaccine pass in every indoor setting. I downloaded the tousanticovid app because I reckoned it would be easier than trying to explain. It only took a few minutes to set up my NHS vaccine pass on it.

Moonshine86 · 21/02/2022 19:01

Thanks both that’s really helpful!

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