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Italy travel rules

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ElphabaFlies · 26/01/2022 15:08

Wondering if anyone has found clarity on the rules - it looks to me like from 1st Feb you can only enter Italy on a green pass if your last vaccine was in the previous 180 days. If any longer, you are treated as unvaccinated and need to self isolate for 5 days on arrival, PCR to release etc.

Based on information - can anyone correct me?!

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Geamhradh · 26/01/2022 20:31

I'm not sure about entry rules as I'm already here, but it's definitely true that pass validity drops to 180 days/6 months from 1st Feb.
There is talk of extending the validity as long as the last vaccine was the booster as otherwise HCPs etc who had their booster at the beginning of the autumn will soon be classed as unvaccinated, and as there's no official 4th dose mandate yet, it's a problem.

ElphabaFlies · 26/01/2022 22:44

Thank you - appreciated. Hard making decisions!

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mdh2020 · 26/01/2022 23:18

I spoke to the company we are booked with to travel in April and they confirmed that as the rules stand we won’t be able to go as my booster will have been beyond that period. They have said we can transfer our holiday but where to?

Geamhradh · 27/01/2022 05:48


Thank you - appreciated. Hard making decisions!

It is, and it's also very confusing! (Also for us!) The confusion seems to stem from the rules to enter being different from the rules to obtain a pass once you're in. But at the moment we need a pass for almost everything! I follow a FB travel group where they keep saying there's no expiry date for the booster- and that's true, BUT there IS an expiry for the green pass given because of the booster!
I'm sure the regs will change, Italy seems to have peaked this wave- going from about 17% positivity on tests to about 13-14 thus week. Still high but on the way down the curve slowly. Just don't know when they'll change!
Good luck!
JanuaryBluehoo · 27/01/2022 13:30

Does anyone know what age this is for. Dr 14 has two vaccines now and covid
I did my booster on 6thDecember

Verite1 · 27/01/2022 15:22

We have booked in summer and to be honest, I’m just presuming it will change. It has to surely - most countries aren’t having second boosters are they? In fact - I don’t think Italy has any plans to either. They can’t restrict the entire world (except Israel)!

Verite1 · 27/01/2022 15:23
Geamhradh · 27/01/2022 16:06

[quote Verite1]I just found this - seems hopeful?[/quote]
Yes, it's been mentioned on the news a couple of times about extending pass validity possibly- especially for healthcare workers who of course were prioritised for boosters so whose passes will be expiring pretty soon. It's only a possibility that might be discussed, and on the news it said it would only apply to people who have had boosters.

Keladrythesaviour · 27/01/2022 16:17

I posted about this a few days ago and generally everyone was very confused with the overall confusion that they've got to do something. To change it as otherwise lots of Italians, let alone visitors, will be classed as unvaccinated despite having every available vaccine. It's just how quickly they make the decision and the risk that they might roll out a 2nd booster (good for Italians but not good for visitors). We've got a holiday book early June for 3 weeks and run out mid holiday. Decision has to be made in April for us as after that we will have to pay for the full villa. 3rd try already so I'm praying they get something sorted. It's positive that they're discussing the issue already, but surely they saw it coming when they brought it in!?!

Keladrythesaviour · 27/01/2022 16:21

*overall conclusion

ElphabaFlies · 27/01/2022 22:41

Thanks all - I guess we keep watching to see.

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