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Anyone used a Center Parcs kids club?

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futurity · 17/11/2004 12:16

We are going to Elvedon the week after next and its the first time we have been back there since having D.S who is 2 3/4. Read about the time out club but was wondering whether anyone had used them for a child of DS's age..what they did..were they much did it cost etc?

Also any other ideas for entertaining DS aside from swimming!!?


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grumpyfrumpy · 17/11/2004 12:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

geordie · 17/11/2004 12:38

cost for bumblebees kids clubs is....£10 for two hours..£15 for three thats the 3months- 2 years group.....the 3-4 years is £8/12.
If there is a baby swim class that's free but you have to go too.
Make a memory, messy play, 30 min activities for £5
teddy bears picnic £6 for an hour.

some activities you need to book!!

these details are taken from oasis whinefell- so they are just to give you an idea. Have a good holiday

ps- they look v professionally organised...and guess that they are fairly good- but expensive!

geordie · 17/11/2004 12:39

off in january ourselves!! and we are booking some bumbelbees sessions!!

futurity · 17/11/2004 14:25

When you say you mean before you go? Only booked on Monday so not got my pack through yet.

OP posts:
woodpops · 17/11/2004 14:44

You can't really book many things before you get there. But do make it one of the 1st things you do do when you get there. We tried to book ds and dd in when we went earlier this year and but it was full all week.

woodpops · 17/11/2004 14:45

Geordie, are you going to Elveden in Jan?? We're off to Sherwood in Jan.

wilbur · 17/11/2004 14:50

Ds was 3.4 when we went to Longlaet adn I thought the clubs were excellent and good value for money (although I am in London where chilcare costs £££££). He did three sessions in the week, each witha diffferent theme - nature, cooking, etc and he loved them. Dd was just turned one and she went to baby play a couple of times which was very nice too, lovely carers.

grumpyfrumpy · 17/11/2004 14:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

futurity · 18/11/2004 09:29

thanks for all your advice. got my pack through today so just reading through it and about the pre-booking. My DS goes to nursery at the moment for three mornings a week but i wonder how he would get along at a different place? Difficult to know how he will react!

OP posts:
geordie · 18/11/2004 09:31

up north here- easier to go to oasis whinefell- that's the one near keswick!

crunchie · 18/11/2004 10:39


Seriously he will be absolutely fine they are great at Elevedon, we have used all the kids clubs and my girls were pissed off they only got one session each (too expensive for 2 kids). They really love the clubs, last time DD2 was about 2 3/4 and she loved it.

As a family we did loads of swimming the toddler area is great so spent lots of time there. We also went to the playground a lot, we went to the conema which the kids loved (saw Shrek I think) you get a free bag of sweets with yiur ticket

We try not to spend much there so I can't comment on the activities like parachute games etc as I think they are too expensive. We did get a baby sitter when we went to the spa (£5 an hour) and she was brilliant) DD1 suddenly came down with a vomiting bug and she organised housekeeping to come in and clean up the sick She also gave them supper (prior to the vomit!) and it meant we got that bit longer in the spa.

Do goto the spa if you can.
Get a bike and do the longest ride possible, we went round and round for about an hour or two.
Feeding ducks and squirrells is a good one too.

We did a midweek break and spent most days in teh pool from around 11am - 3 or 4 pm. Other stuff was done early on or later.

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