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South Florida

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zafferana · 11/01/2022 12:55

Can anyone talk to me about Miami, the Keys, Ft Lauderdale?

We're planning to go for Christmas/New Year. I know it will be busy/expensive. We want to sightsee/explore, but also have some downtime by the pool or on the beach. We all enjoy the great outdoors and would like to have a day in the Everglades.

Has anyone been at that time of year or can recommend a good hotel in maybe Miami Beach or Ft Lauderdale? And what did you enjoy doing? Are there any tours you recommend? We have two DSs who will be 15 and 11. They like eating out, swimming, getting to know a place by walking around. Is it worth driving down to the Florida Keys? I've always wanted to go, but will it just be hideously busy at that time of year?

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oncemoreunto · 11/01/2022 14:10

We have been a little later than that a couple of times.
It is a lovely time to go as it is usually warm but not hot.
It could be too cool for much pool lounging and can sometimes get chilly in the evening.

We really enjoy the keys, although they can get quite busy and there are many speed checks. Key West is very touristy with cruise ships but the other keys are often quieter.

We also have enjoyed visiting the Everglades and the John Pennkamp Coral reef park. ( there are quite a lot of state parks, the dc enjoy swimming at Bill Baggs state park) Kayaking or paddleboarding are good ways of seeing things.

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