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Talk to me about eurodisney...

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SirSamuelVimes · 14/12/2021 16:55

Never done Disney!

Suddenly struck with the idea of going to Disneyland Paris next year sometime. It would be me, DH and dd1 (will be 7 or 8 depending on when we go) and dd2 (will be three).

Current vague thoughts are springtime, maybe a three night midweek break? Ideally fly as it would also tick off going on a plane for the first time for my kids. We live in the north and I don't fancy driving for hours and hours. Train is a potential alternative though but only if it's much cheaper or easier.

Would three nights be about right? Try to stay in a Disney hotel or not bother? Would it be possible to get into actual Paris for an afternoon in that timescale or would that be bonkers? Feels wrong to take the kids to (almost) Paris and not at least take them to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

What sort of budget would I need for that kind of a trip? I'm happy taking the eldest out of school for a couple of days so would go in term time to keep costs down. A grand? Two? I really have no idea! Had a bit of a play on travel websites this afternoon but I have no context, I don't know if something is a reasonable price or not!

And Disney gurus out there??

OP posts:
SequinsandStiIettos · 14/12/2021 17:11

Stayed at Magic Circus hotel a few years ago. Not a Disney hotel but had a 5 minute shuttle bus from the door.
Can easily get to Eiffel Tower by train, just over half an hour.
Also went to shopping arcade in next town along so could get all the Disney paraphernalia then and went to Sealife iirc.
At Eurodisney, got popcorn holders, the autograph books and mickey ears. The electric parade and fireworks best bit. Queues dire, rides not all that, but still worth a trip.

SirSamuelVimes · 14/12/2021 17:57

Thanks - will definitely look at that hotel.

OP posts:
DPotter · 14/12/2021 18:08

We've been twice - train each time but based in south so slightly different. However it is wonderful to get on the train in the UK and get off at the Disney station without all that faffing about at airports.

Stayed in the Disney hotel once - was lovely, and 2nd time the Sequoia Lodge which is a lot more basic (the canteen is awful - food OK but just like a school canteen).

We did have a lovely time but yes the queues are awful except for the 'It's a Small World' ride which you could stay on as long as you liked. 'It's a small small world' is a real earworm of a song and you'll find yourself humming it for months after.....

Definitely take a buggy for the toddler and book lunch / dinner as can be busy at peak times. There are restaurants and diners just outside the park as well as inside. Take a book and a pen for the 7 yr old to get autographs of the characters

downtonupton · 14/12/2021 18:25

I hate Disney as a general rule but love going to Disneyland Paris. Have been by train, car and plane

Have always stayed in a Disney hotel except one night at the circus hotel (which was pretty poor TBH). Liked Sequoia Lodge and New York (now Marvel) the best. We got club rooms where you have a little lounge area with free drinks and snacks and a separate breakfast that isn't such a free for all.

If you get the train through Disney and book a Disney hotel. You check in on the train, they give you your passes and you basically get off the train and walk into Disneyland and they take your luggage to the hotel for you. We have only don tit by cat when staying in France anyway. The plane is fine - you can get a train from the airport, a coach (magic bus) or an Uber is pretty reasonable.

If you are only going for 3 days you may not have time to go to Paris. But it is vey easy from the station and is a short journey. We have done 3 or 4 nights never more than that.

Food is very expensive and it is worth looking for deals where you get free half board. Or when you book two nights and get two free.

If you stay in a Disney hotel you get 'extra magic hours' where the park is not open to the public - only those in Disney hotels , that way you get a chance to go on the rides that have the longer queues later in the day.

Gumbo · 14/12/2021 18:33

We've been twice, 1st time stayed in the park, second time stayed in the Davy Crocket hotel which is self catering, which was loads better and only a 10 minute drive away.

Within the park the food is quite limited and you'll almost certainly have a nasty case of scurvy before you leave if you don't at least have a supply of fresh fruit in your room Grin

I'd definitely recommend going outside of school holidays to avoid long queues if you can.

negomi90 · 14/12/2021 18:35

Depending on where in the North you are, the trains go from St Pancras. So if you're in the part of the North with trains which enters London via King's Cross its an incredibly easy transfer between King's Cross and St Pancras.
You have to be at the station 2h before, just like with a plane, they have security and immigration. But its a direct train which puts you in the park and is full of themed things and disney info. I've found the train magical as have children I've been with. The faff of a change at King's cross will probably be less than the faff of flying and getting too and from and airport.
If you're doing disney, stay in a disney land hotel and know that Paris is an option for the final day, but go there intending to do it properly.

SirSamuelVimes · 14/12/2021 18:42

Were near York so could do the train, just liked the idea of getting a flight!

OP posts:
grannycab · 14/12/2021 18:51

I liked getting off the train at Disney and heading straight to the park as there were characters at the station. We stayed in the Newport Bay hotel. It ws a few years ago now but it was great fun. Characters came to the hotel at night too.

LowlyTheWorm · 14/12/2021 18:56

Join the Facebook groups for euro Disney as they are actual experts.
Five days if you want a Paris trip (easy from Disney location as station is literally right there) and deffo stay in the Disney resort itself. It was amazing in 2017 and I’d love to go back.
We flew from Edinburgh and got a package holiday that included transfers.

Padamae · 14/12/2021 19:04

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SirSamuelVimes · 14/12/2021 19:05

I've requested to join a FB group already!

You guys are swaying me to the train idea.

OP posts:
Tigerwhocameforsupper · 14/12/2021 19:06

I’ve been lots of times and always stayed in the Disney hotels. I find the theming just makes it feel more special and it’s handy to be able to walk to the park.

On 3 days you definitely won’t fit Paris in, especially as flight times will probably mean you lose some time too.

We did 4 nights 5 days last time we went. We still didn’t fit everything in as the queues could be long and then flights meant we didn’t land till late afternoon on the first day.

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 14/12/2021 19:15

We went a couple of years ago. We stayed at Hotel Cheyenne- one of the cheaper ones, Toy Story themed. Our meal package was breakfast and a main meal... we filled up at breakfast, took snacks and had dinner around 5. (Buffets, not sure if that's still possible!)
Staying in a disney hotel gives you the Magic Hour so you can get on the popular rides then.

We drove from Germany, so can't advise on transport routes.

As we went mid June, we never did see the fireworks... kids had crashed out well before then! (They were 5 and 7).

The only bit we didn't enjoy was the lunch with the Princesses. Just overpriced for what it was.

lonsdaleshorts · 14/12/2021 19:39

I go every year. I do 2 nights but I have my trip planned and I know what to do and see, where to eat and timings of everything. You do need to plan. I stay in the Disneyland Hotel at the gates.

Stay onsite in a Disney hotel as you’ll get an extra hour in the park in the morning.

If you want to meet characters then I recommend dinner at Inventions. There are YouTube videos to see.

While I say I go every year 2019 was my last year until the DLH has been refurbed as with the castle.

Riverlee · 14/12/2021 19:55

My sil has found in the past that it’s cheaper to book the travel separate to the tickets. Maybe worth looking at.

AJolly2013 · 11/07/2022 15:09

Can anyone advise on the best way for cost and efficiency to get eurodisney park tickets?

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