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Croatia: covid testing before we go

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Abraxan · 07/10/2021 21:27

Just trying to clarify what I need to order for half term and wondered if anyone knows for sure...

Three adults, all double vaccinated (all more than 2 weeks ago)

Pre departure from UK to Croatia

  • one site suggests proof of vaccination is enough; another wishes to we still need an LFT regardless.

Anyone know if this is definitely the case?

I'm sure when we booked a couple of weeks ago it said we needed at least an LFT, now I'm no longer sure!
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Dontbugmemalone · 07/10/2021 22:54

I'm following this as we are off in half term too. I have read confusing information.

2 adults- double unvaccinated
One child under 11 and one 13 not vaccinated.

I understand that on the holiday website and gov website, proof of vaccination is enough (no tests) for adults and under 18s on leaving the UK.
On return, everyone needs to do a day 2 test and complete a passenger locator form.

On the Croatian website

Complete form before you go on their website
Double vaccinated adults and under 11s don't need a test
Others (I understand this as teens and adults) unvaccinated need to provide either a negative antigen or PCR either 3 days or 48 hours before going to Crotia.

I may have got that wrong though

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loadypoady · 08/10/2021 01:08

Double vaccinated no longer require a test, the Croatia govt changed the requirement on 1st October.
I am going on Saturday and had already bought the tests so will save them for a future holiday when LFT are permissible to use for UK entry.

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