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If you've taken teens/tweens to Barcelona, did they enjoy it?

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zafferana · 26/09/2021 18:52

We have an almost 14 year old and a 10 year old. They have form for being 'bored' easily and they don't like museums of any kind.

DH and I are thinking maybe Barcelona. We've both been before, but not recently (I think the last time was maybe 2003?). Our kids have enjoyed city breaks in the past - Valencia, Rome, New York, Paris all went down well - but they weren't quite so fussy even two years ago.

If you've taken DC that sort of age to Barcelona did they enjoy it? What did they particularly like? DS1 likes sport and food. DS2 likes Minecraft and swimming Hmm

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MrsPnut · 26/09/2021 19:10

We did Barcelona with a tween/teen twice (we have 9.5 years between our kids).

Both absolutely loved it - with DD1 it was many years ago but stayed in the Barri Gotic area and walked miles. We did do the hop on hop off bus though.

With DD2, we went in 2018 and stayed in an apartment in Eixample. We had a bakery on the next corner which was awesome for breakfasts. We did the walking tour the day after we arrived and as always when in Spain ate at 100 Montiditos as often as possible.

We did the Sagrada Familia which we didn't do the first time and we also did the hop on hop off bus and went out to the beach. The bus takes you round to the Neu Camp and we had got tickets for a match but they moved it to the Saturday night from the Sunday so we ended up selling them. The tickets were much cheaper than paying for a premiership game.

zafferana · 26/09/2021 19:26

That sounds encouraging @MrsPnut! Thank you.

I guess part of my hesitancy (aside from my less-than-enthusiastic kids), is the hassle of travel in Covid times, which there is nothing to be done about. We went away in the summer and it was great, but the thought of going through all the testing and paperwork again is making my heart sink.

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Home06 · 26/09/2021 21:27

We are planning a trip to Barcelona too with similar ages. Never been before but we've done other city breaks. We went away in the summer so I understand what you mean about the covid hassle. It's hard when you don't know if it will go ahead until it happens. Hopefully the changes in testing requirements will make it easier. Sorry that I have no help to offer but wanted to jump on for tips.

GoodnightGrandma · 26/09/2021 21:32

No. They felt quite unsafe as they knew that pickpocketing was rife.
They wouldn’t go again.

yikesanotherbooboo · 26/09/2021 22:56

It's a good city for teens; gaudi, beach, Camp Nou, Picasso, tapas,market, cable car... you can pop up to Figueras for Dali etc. Don't worry about pickpockets, just take precautions.

zafferana · 27/09/2021 10:40

Sadly, we know all about pickpockets and thieves in European cities ... we're pretty savvy these days though as a result.

I'm still sitting on the fence. I'd LOVE to go, but can I be arsed? That's the real question.

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