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Northern lights

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devuskums · 24/09/2021 13:13

Dh has a big birthday next year and has said he would like to see the Northern Lights. I have absolutely no idea where to start looking ... I don't know anything about them. Has anybody got any tips or experience they could tell me please?

OP posts:

Zodlebud · 24/09/2021 19:08

Tried three times to see them but never successful! Twice in Iceland and once in very very northern Finland. They were out in force one night in Finland - so bright you could see them in Exeter - but it was cloudy where we were so couldn’t see a thing…….


JingsMahBucket · 25/09/2021 07:52

This is a great thread. Thanks for starting it @devuskums. I’ve been wanting to do a northern lights trip for a few years now so this thread is really educational.


LML40 · 25/09/2021 09:01

We went for my partners big birthday a couple of years ago. We stayed here:

They can organise for you to see the NL OR they have an alarm that wakes you whilst you stay there IF the lights are on "display".

If it's a big one, definitely recommend this place! It's absolutely amazing!


Helencoates · 25/09/2021 12:14

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

ChocolateHelps · 25/09/2021 12:18

Went to Iceland at Easter a few years ago. Saw them 3 nights out of 7. Woke my daughter up (she was about 10?) and walked her to the window and she looked and spoke to us, and then walked her back to bed. She has absolutely no memory of it!

It was like a green dancing rainbow. It moved quite a lot. Really visible.


OneOfTheThree · 26/09/2021 12:21

We went for a big birthday as well, and we went to Kiruna in Sweden. We saw the lights twice - once from our hotel and once on a photography trip. Lights aside, it was an incredible holiday. We used Magnetic North Travel and I highly recommend them. We contacted a few companies but they were the only one who created a bespoke itinerary for us, based entirely around our requirements. They were so helpful and really know their stuff:


annonymousse · 26/09/2021 12:27

We went to a place called kitila in Finnish Lapland. We stayed 5 nights in a safari hotel. We did husky sledging, snow mobile riding and reindeer sleigh ride among other things and were very lucky the northern lights were active every night. We went end of feb beginning of march. It was very memorable and special. DH proposed on that holiday


RedRiverShore · 26/09/2021 12:30

We have seen them lots in Iceland, as early as late August on our last holiday, though once we went for about 5 days in February and we didn't see them at all


countrygirl99 · 26/09/2021 13:14

There are several hotels in the Inari region of Finland where you can book.a package of various winter activities so still have z great time if you don't see the lights. As PP said the muddleof winter has a very high chance of being cloudy wherever you go so pick your timing with that in mind.


Parker231 · 26/09/2021 19:48

We went to Norway with Hurtrigruten in December a couple of years ago. Brilliant trip and saw the lights twice at Kirkenes.

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