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newmum120 · 13/09/2021 23:49

Need some help with all the travel documents
I've read everything there is to on the government website but I'm panicking in case I messed something up or got something wrong.
Husband is fully vaccinated I am not (health issues at the moment not by choice) we are flying to morocco (amber list) for a week
To my understanding paper work we will need are:
Fit to fly negative Covid test for me
Green vaccination proof letter for husband
Passenger locator form each
And Moroccan entry form each

Had anybody traveled recently and can give me some advice? Have I got it right ?
I've also ordered my 2nd and 8th day tests for once I've returned and am prepared to quarantine for 10 days
And I will have my second fit to fly test on the way back from morocco

Any advice will help
I'm starting to panic and regret booking this whole thing at a time like this

Thank you in advance xx

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Geamhradh · 14/09/2021 06:15

I'm.not in the UK but I've found this FB page (recommended by a MNer on another thread) easier to understand than the govt pages!
What you say sounds about right- remember to check the Moroccan govt website as well as the UK one.
Have a lovely holiday, it'll be worth it when you get there!

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mrswormwood1 · 14/09/2021 19:35

Thank you I've posted in the group xx

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