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City break with a 7 month old

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PlanetTeaTime · 06/09/2021 10:14

Please give me the benefit of your experience

We're going on a city break for a week with our baby, we're bringing our carrier and pram but we're going on the train there so we're limited to what we can carry.

We have a big suitcase to share and will bring a haversack as well. The air bnb we're staying at has a washer and a dryer thankfully.

We want to be visiting museums, attractions, parks (weather allowing).

Can you think of anything I should bring in particular? Or make sure I've got?

I'm trying my best to think of everything but this is our first time away. We're also weaning but aren't going to be able to bring the high chair, of course we can take her to restaurants (we're doing BLW) but we don't have loads of money so wanted to eat in as well or pick up food on the go. I'm breastfeeding as well and to be honest, we haven't done a lot of feeding in public either.

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emmathedilemma · 06/09/2021 13:08

I assume the Airbnb has a travel cot?
Sleeping bag and sheet for the cot.
Black out travel blind if your baby is used to sleeping in the dark.
Rain cover for the pram.
A set of baby cutlery and water beaker.
Clothes you can easily bf in public in or invest in one of those apron type cover up things.

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