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Canary Islands hotel recommendations? for October with children

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ramarama · 29/08/2021 22:38

Can anyone recommend their favourite family hotels for those with children under 6 years? Even better if you've been recently and can report on current Covid restrictions.

There are so many options and I'm going round in circles. Tripadvisor seems to report that several kids club options are currently closed due to covid? And also even the five star options seem to report current lengthy queues in a lot of places for reception, meals etc - a pain if dealing with little kids. If this is the reality we would prob rather go for a villa in Europe and just accept we won't be doing any swimming.

Not normally keen on all inclusive, can't bear 'entertainment' but we just want a child-focussed holiday that has some option for occasional kids club or supervision for a couple of hours. And sun. And warmth

Need: kids pool and/or some water play/slides
Nice to have: Beach access very nearby

Can anyone help? Currently looking at:
H10 Princess in Lanzarote
Lopesan Baobab in Gran Canaria
Elba Resort Village in Lanzarote

Many thanks in advance :-)

OP posts:

kleew1 · 29/08/2021 22:42

We've booked Gran Castillo Togaro in Lanzarote, I can report back once we have been! Going soon.

But it looks really good I think, we upgraded to the merlin room.


RNBrie · 29/08/2021 22:48

We've stayed in Hotel Suite Villa María on Tenerife and found it perfect for the kids. We had an apartment which has a small kitchen and a living room/terrace so we had somewhere to hang out in the evenings. We did bed and breakfast, the breakfasts are amazing but having the kitchen meant we could do simple meals and not eat out every meal. Family pool is heated (worth checking as many aren't), kids activities were great, local beaches all really nice. We were booked to go back last year but got cancelled but we will try again at some point.


Ricekrispie22 · 30/08/2021 07:30

Iberostar Anthelia was amazing, but the kids club starts at 4 years old. Do you need it for younger than that?


Focalpoint · 30/08/2021 07:32

Highly recommend Lopesan Baobab for families with kids.


ramarama · 01/09/2021 09:08

Thanks all. I'm veering towards the Baobab but need to check the kids facilities are currently open. A review suggested not.
Will also check out Anthelia :-)

OP posts:

OrangeSamphire · 01/09/2021 09:14

Baobab is wonderful. We’re going for the third time in October with our 12 and 10 year olds.

Most children there are younger than that but ours both have disabilities and it’s just the best place we’ve been with them by far so we keep going.

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