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Can't return Day 2 PCR test as Sunday and Bank Holiday

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tim091 · 29/08/2021 09:37

Wife returned from amber country on Friday so today (Sunday) is the day she needs to take her test. But it has to be taken to a post office and they are closed for two days.

Any advice? There is nothing to cover this scenario in the provider's documentation or gov website etc.

OP posts:

uggmum · 31/08/2021 10:06

It will be fine.
They don't check the actual test.
As long as they have completed the pre-departure forms to come home and listed the test on the form then it will be ok.

My dc have travelled a few times this summer with no issues. They dropped their day 2 tests off at a central box at a motorway services which seemed to work out ok.

I really wouldn't stress anymore about it.
My dd works at test and trace. I asked her and she said it really doesn't matter. It only flags up if the test comes back positive as this triggers a call back from them to go through movements and contacts


SoupDragon · 31/08/2021 10:13


Just to close this story: we did the test today (Tuesday) and took it to the post office. They refused to take it saying it must go in the priority box instead. Now I have read the instructions from the test provider (Prenetics) that is actually what it says to do, my wife read it wrong. DO NOT take to the post office.

So, job sort of done. Of course if it comes back positive then she will have mixed with more people than she would have if she had done it on the correct day, which we feel bad about obviously.

Typical! 😂

I suppose the test results wouldn't have been back much quicker though.

ChaToilLeam · 31/08/2021 10:18

Because of the way my travel worked out, I didn’t reach my final destination until after last post on day 2 (visiting family in the UK). I just posted the pack at the next opportunity the following day. Got result the day after. There have been no repercussions, and if they were I would just give the truth: I was traveling and could not make it to the priority post box in time that day.


MimosaFields · 31/08/2021 12:54

@Abraxan, what you say it is true. You cannot put Randox ones into a post box (in theory), but since the OP says "But it has to be taken to a post office", then I assume they are not using Randox. In any case, even with Randox, you can use the post office, but you would have to cover the cost of special delivery to get it to Belfast in time. Personally, I prefer DanteLabs for that reason.


Delatron · 31/08/2021 13:59

I used a courier for Randox. They’ve delivered it late and my test is inconclusive. I did it wrong. Not sure what happens now but hopefully nothing!
They’ve sent an email saying I need to do another test. I’ve been back a week. Not sure if anyone follows up inconclusive or late tests..

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