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Family holiday first week November somewhere hot

24 replies

mydailymailhell · 07/08/2021 21:34

I have a chance to go on holidays in the first week of November - two adults, two kids (1&4). It would be our first foreign hol since 2019 so would like somewhere warm, all inclusive and am willing to splash out a bit. Does anyone have any recommendations for a resort in southern Spain or the Algarve or turkey or the Canaries? Or anywhere else relatively near which is warm in early November? Thanks

OP posts:

Ricekrispie22 · 08/08/2021 07:14

Gran Melia Palacio de Isora is great for families with small children. There’s a children’s pool with pirate ship etc.. plus a baby pool and a crèche and indoor soft play. Also they do two-bedroom rooms so you don’t have to sit silently in the dark after the dc have gone to bed.


eurochick · 08/08/2021 07:16

Other than the Canaries I would expect those places to be pretty cool by then. Oman might fit the bill. (Or Dubai, but I can't stand the place.)


Zampa · 08/08/2021 07:18

We're going to Meloneras in Gran Canaria in October half term. Weather should be nice as it's warm pretty much all year.

(Hopefully! Fingers crossed! Go away Covid).


ImInStealthMode · 08/08/2021 15:47

GF Victoria in Tenerife is gorgeous, and it's an all suite hotel so you've got separate living / sleeping space for when the children are asleep.

They've got a big water park area as well as normal pools.


CatAlice · 08/08/2021 15:56

In November you need to be as far south as possible for guaranteed beach weather.
Canaries are great at that time, Algarve and Spain might be sunny but could be chilly. Lots of people go to places in the med off season expecting very hot beach holiday weather and are disappointed.

I love Lanzarote, wouldn't recommend Fueteventura in winter as it's so windy it can be cool in summer. Lots of luxury hotels in Tenerife and Lanzarote.


canary1 · 08/08/2021 15:58

Any canary island will be great!


mydailymailhell · 08/08/2021 23:57

I should clarify that when I say “hot” what I really mean is “quite warm”….would be quite happy with v low 20s. For those saying the Algarve is “chilly” first week in November is it properly cold?

OP posts:

Ikeameatballs · 09/08/2021 07:19

I wouldn’t trust anywhere around the Med for reliably warm and sunny weather in the first week of November.


BarbaraofSeville · 09/08/2021 07:42

Canaries would be best chance of nicely warm in November. I think Lanzarote is the dryest island and there's a good choice of AI hotels.

If you've got a good budget the Princesa Yaiza in Playa Blanca is often recommended on here as a good family 5* AI. Look on Jet2holidays if the airport suits because they're very good for package prices and have been excellent throughout covid with rebooking, refunds etc.


Marmitemarinaded · 09/08/2021 07:43

Real risk OP in Europe at the time of year

I’d go Caribbean for guaranteed

DR 7 hours
Antigua 7 hours


Marmitemarinaded · 09/08/2021 07:44

Ah quite warm…. In that case. Malta might be worth considering


BarbaraofSeville · 09/08/2021 07:50

It's pot luck in the Med at that time of year. It could be lovely, or it could be cooler/wet/stormy.

It depends what you're after. If you definitely want a pool/beach holiday you probably want to go somewhere else. If you go somewhere where there's other stuff to do - either activity holiday or city break stuff, it will probably be fine as you'll be able to do that on the less warm days.


Jerseygirl12 · 09/08/2021 07:58

I think it’s the pool temperature you have to consider at that time of year.


MissyB1 · 09/08/2021 07:59

Following, we are looking for a warm holiday in October half term, we are considering Madeira.


Notavegan · 09/08/2021 08:05

Sensatori Hotel in tenerife is nice


Notavegan · 09/08/2021 08:07

(But beach is no good, two pools are heated).


Marmitemarinaded · 09/08/2021 09:59

Don’t risk it op
It’s false economy to go cheaper in November to Europe


CatAlice · 09/08/2021 11:53

For those saying the Algarve is “chilly” first week in November is it properly cold?
It's the atlantic coast so the sea is chilly even in summer, pools seldom heated. If you want sightseeing and touring it might be ok in November but if you want warm why risk it? Someone will be along to say they have been in November and it was warm but it's not reliable.

Even in the Canaries you need a heated pool in winter, which many do. I notice your DC are very little - the Princess Yaiza would be perfect.
I have been to the Canaries many times in winter and it's perfect for warm sunshine. It gets dark early and you'd need a jacket at night but day time is short sleeves.


Jerseygirl12 · 09/08/2021 14:28

Cyprus is another option, I went one year for October half term and had nice weather.


NCTDN · 09/08/2021 15:50

Another Canaries vote! We've been to Tenerife and gran Canaria that time of year and plan to this year as well. Ds doesn't like it too hot but the sea will still have some warmth and pools are heated if needed.


mydailymailhell · 09/08/2021 17:57

Canaries look like a great option - the only problem is the flight times are not great from our nearest airports and I need to fly a certain airline to use up vouchers. But it definitely looks great. For those who have been to lanzarote - is it incredibly windy?
Malta also looks quite tempting

OP posts:

CatAlice · 09/08/2021 21:32

Lanzarote can be windy at the east side, west of arracife less so. Nothing like as windy as fueta.


Zodlebud · 10/08/2021 14:19

If your budget allows then Mauritius is a good bet, particularly if you can avoid school holidays. The flight is 10 hours but it’s overnight so it goes quickly if you’re ok sleeping on a plane.

Weather will be beautiful and plenty of AI options.


minipie · 10/08/2021 14:42

Look at Baobab suites Tenerife - you can get a lovely apartment with own pool, which is brilliant with young kids as you can use your pool while they are napping and don’t have to take all the kit to the shared pool. There’s a kids club (over 4s I think) and a restaurant or two.

Or Marrakech is often lovely weather then - there are some AI resorts just outside the city so you don’t have to be in the madness. No longer a flight than Crete/Cyprus.

Mauritius is a great option if you can face the flights. We did it with one 18 month old and it was hard work… but she’s not a good sleeper so may be easier if yours are.

Jetlag would put me off the Caribbean.

Agree Europe could easily be chilly and rainy at that time.

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