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Passport expiry on child passport - confused by EU issue

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PlumpCushion · 21/07/2021 18:59

I happened to see a worrying post on trip advisor about passport validity.

Can anyone explain why DD’s passport is only valid for entry to Greece until September 2021 despite the expiry date being next Aug?

Is it a leaving EU issue? Or a being a young adult on a child’s passport issue?

And finally, does anyone know if she can use her current passport while applying online for first adult one?


OP posts:

MrsElijahMikaelson1 · 23/07/2021 18:57

@dementedpixie we tried online with no signing but the computer said no! Hence having to do the whole thing!


dementedpixie · 23/07/2021 19:14

How strange
Did you tick that she couldn't be recognised from the old picture?
You can still do it online and then the person countersigning does it by email rather than using a physical signature on a form


BertieBotts · 23/07/2021 20:07

You have to have a countersignature for a child's renewal regardless of how long it's been.


dementedpixie · 23/07/2021 20:29

It's not a child renewal though; they were applying for a 17 year old. Only need a countersignature up to age 12


BertieBotts · 23/07/2021 23:39

Ah OK sorry I thought it was up to 16, and it counted because the previous passport was a child's one.


RichardDrankMyCoke · 24/07/2021 22:38

Is it a leaving EU issue? Yes; while the UK was in the EU and during the transition period every EU country, and the Schengen countries which are not EU, treated UK passport holders with the designation of British Citizen just as they would their own country's citizens. As of midnight UK time on 1/1/2021, when the transition period ended, British citizens lost those rights forever.

The idea that you have to hand in the old passport and have no government issued ID for x amount of time while abroad is bonkers. I'm a dual USA/UK citizen living in a third country, and I recently renewed my US passport in person. They punched holes in my old passport and ID card and gave them back to me immediately, along with a receipt, so I still had ID. About ten days later, they emailed me to come and pick up my new documents. If I had only had UK citizenship during the pandemic, I'd have been absolutely screwed because it takes an estimated 12 weeks to renew a UK passport abroad, and during that time you not only relinquish your UK passport but also any other passport you hold.


tanstaafl · 25/07/2021 16:00

Why do they punch holes in it?

I passed this info on in a different passport thread, it’s from Simon Calder Travel Expert… the Schengen area , broadly the area we know as the EU, only need 3 months validity from your departure date

Somehow our Govt think it’s 6 months.
Our travel companies takes Govt advice naturally.

Travel companies have wrongly turned people back at the UK check-in because of this misunderstanding.
Jet2, the travel company in the Simon Calder article , say they have updated their rules to be the 3 months validity at departure.


RichardDrankMyCoke · 26/07/2021 11:46

@taanstaffl - punching holes through the front cover and face page is just their routine way of cancelling the passport. Even if it's expired, it makes it very obvious at a glance that it's not valid for travel without the risk that it could be accepted by accident. Everything's still readable.


SlouchingTiger · 04/09/2021 08:55

Just popping in to say that we had the issue described in the OP which magically resolved after the government took down its faulty passport checker!!


SlouchingTiger · 04/09/2021 09:00

To clarify, our DD’s passport is now showing validity until February whereas previously it was saying it’d expire this month.

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