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Cost of PCR tests package available?

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stringbean · 17/07/2021 15:24

Does anyone know of any companies that will provide a package of PCR tests at a reduced rate eg. for outbound/inbound travel, day 2 and day 8, rather than paying for individual tests. I'm getting so confused with the information, and the costs - it seems about £50/test is average - are making the possibility of our holiday almost prohibitive.

We were due to go to France in a couple of weeks - two fully vaccinated adults and a 16 year old - self-drive via Eurotunnel, taking our caravan, so airport testing or tests provided by package operators are not an option. Given the change of status for France last night, we would also have to add in a 5th test to end quarantine early (although we both WFH so fortunately quarantine is not an issue). I'm not clear on the rationale for testing on Day 2 and day 8 if you're quarantining anyway, given that you have to have a negative test to get back into the UK? It all seems like some massive scam for rinsing as much ££ out of you as possible for daring to leave the country!

If anyone has any advice please, I would be very grateful! Many thanks.

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Anjelika · 17/07/2021 19:56

Hi. I looked at moneysavingexpert and ordered from Randox.

stringbean · 17/07/2021 21:19

Thanks Anjelika - I can only see pre-departure tests on Randox though. Where have you booked your return tests and Day 2/8 tests, if you need them? I would expect some of the providers to offer a package that you can buy which has a kit for each test, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

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blinkthreetimes · 17/07/2021 21:21

I’ve just bought from expert Medicals. Day 2 and 8 for £70

stringbean · 17/07/2021 21:25

Thank you - Day 2 & 8 for £70 sounds even better Smile

OP posts:
blinkthreetimes · 17/07/2021 21:29

You have to pay around £5 for P&P but it was still the cheapest I could find

Moonlaserbearwolf · 17/07/2021 21:34

Can you roll over the Eurotunnel tickets to a future date? Save yourselves the money and hassle and take your caravan to a beautiful spot in the UK!

stringbean · 17/07/2021 21:39

Nope - I'd really like to go to France!! I figure it's likely to be a lot safer there than here Grin

OP posts:
stringbean · 17/07/2021 21:40

We already rolled the Eurotunnel tickets over from a previous trip we were unable to take. Not sure how many times we can keep doing it.

OP posts:
Moonlaserbearwolf · 17/07/2021 21:46

Sorry, my reply was a bit tongue in cheek!! I’m desperate to get over to France too, to see a friend, and finding the whole thing ridiculous. If I was able to isolate on return I’d definitely go. Hope you manage to have a smooth trip!

TheTeenageYears · 17/07/2021 22:00

If you are going to do the day 5 test to release go for an in person test with reliable results. Collinson were the first (and possibly still the only) provider to guarantee the result by the end of day 5 if you are tested by 4pm. If you go with a reliable day 5 provider you can go for the absolute cheapest day 2 & 8 tests even if there are awful reviews (many of the providers are shockingly bad). If you don't do test to release you are supposed to quarantine until the day 8 result comes back which can be problematic with test kit not arriving, results taking days etc.

stringbean · 17/07/2021 22:02

I'm sorry to hear you can't isolate @Moonlaserbearwolf, and will have to change your plans - that's rubbish Sad . I agree, the whole thing is getting ridiculous: I could understand if the government decision yesterday to add France to a category of it's own was based on clinical data, but it isn't - it's just random grabbing at straws.

We have this evening been discussing a fallback of taking the caravan somewhere in the UK, so will do if it comes to it, but I really would like to go to France. I'm wondering if there is a likelihood that France won't let us in anyway if our virus levels rise much higher which would make the decision for us!

OP posts:
stringbean · 17/07/2021 22:13

Thanks @TheTeenageYears - I wasn't sure about in-person test to release - the cost is ££!! Will have to think if we want that one, given that we can WFH, but thank you for the advice - that's really helpful to know!

OP posts:
stringbean · 17/07/2021 22:31

Have just seen that fully vaccinated adults will not be required to provide evidence of a negative test in order to travel to France from 18th July - here .

OP posts:
fruitpastille · 17/07/2021 22:56

I read a Which article about this. They looked at costs for different countries using Testing For All.

gettingolderbutcooler · 19/07/2021 08:30

We did testing for all for days 2 and 8. They have great reviews and were the cheapest we could find. Still expensive though 😪

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