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Germans/Austrian Christmas markets

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GillW · 07/10/2002 09:17

We're looking to arrange a pre-Christmas weekend away (it's the only way to get DH to do any Christmas shopping as he won't go into our local shops) and are thinking of going to either Germany or Austria to one of the places which have the big Christmas markets. Has anyone been to one of these, and was it worth going? We're thinking of flying to either Frankfurt or Vienna, but will probably hire a car anyway so we could go a bit further afield, perhaps to Nuremburg which apparently has a big one. Any suggestions welcome.

OP posts:
monkey · 07/10/2002 19:54

I really love them. Would you go with a child? That would be my only word of caution. Have you been to one before? Do you have a particular one in mind? I can perhaps give a more clear answer if you can answer these Gillw, thanks.

Tinker · 29/11/2003 15:26

There's a great one in Manchester atm. Went last night and feasted on gluhwein (sp?), bratwurst and saurkraut adn Dutch pancakes. On til 21 Dec in Albert Sq.

pupuce · 29/11/2003 15:35

Did the Frankfurt one 4 years ago... my fav is Bonn (bigger).

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