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Germany - specifically Berlin

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Tabitha005 · 03/06/2021 12:31

Hi all, this isn't a holiday thread, so much as some specific advise from anyone in a smilier situation - which is probably a long shot, but I can't find any really useful info about my particular issue anywhere else right now.

One of my siblings lives in Berlin and is undergoing chemo. I've been asked to go an stay for the duration of the treatment, which I can easily do, but I'd like to drive rather than fly - in order to try and circumvent some of the absolute arse-ache of the whole airport experience and also so I can take a car-load of groceries/supplies and isolate for the required amount of time once I arrive.

I was planning on taking the car on the Channel Tunnel (further eliminating any contact issues going by ferry). I'm fully vaccinated now and had my 2nd dose last week.

Part of the FCO advice says travel to Germany is only permitted under 'humanitarian' grounds - 'eg; family bereavement'. I'll also need to register with the Federal authorities once I arrive, provide proof of vaccination, clear test results etc.

Has anyone recently driven to Germany or have any advice/experience of doing so under the current circumstances?

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ViolaTricolora · 03/06/2021 13:37

I only have advice, no experience. I assume you want to take the shortest route, through Belgium and the Netherlands?

If so, check the rules for entering, travelling through and leaving each country. Now and on the day you leave.

I think Belgium and the Netherlands currently are fine with travelling through. Belgium can have local rules for masks, e.g. in city centres. In Germany you need ffp-2 masks. I have no idea about France.

(And, but I know this is silly, I would not take a nap on quiet parking spots in Belgian forests if that soldier who's threatening virologists is still on the loose.)

Goodluck with the travelling, and wishing your sibling well

Tabitha005 · 03/06/2021 17:37

Thank you, ViolaTricolora.

Yes, Belgium & Netherlands would be my preferred route, although I'm going to take the car through the tunnel, so will be starting in Calais and then going north.

I'll check the entry requirements for each country though. There's so much confusing and conflicting info around at the moment!

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