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Cabin or villas in a resort

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GuessWho57 · 14/05/2021 17:59

Dreaming for post-COVID holidays.....

After years of Eurocamp style holidays in mobile homes we would like an upgrade.

We love those kinds of holidays but are totally over the plasticky cramped mobile homes. We like opening the front door and being outside rather than having to walk down corridors or through reception or the lobby or whatever. Having done all-inclusive in the past, we don’t think hotel-style accommodation is really our cuppa. Dinner outside is part of the joy of being abroad, not being crammed into a glorified cafeteria indoors.

So I guess we want something in between - decent accommodation but an outdoorsy vibe. Must have a pool and preferably beach access too.

A couple of years back we stayed in a wooden cabin that was part of a brill campsite. We could do that again but would like to try somewhere new. And now we’ve done it we would struggle to go back to a mobile home tbh.

So - does my dream exist?? Wooden cabin style or a villa would be great, but somewhere that has great facilities too.

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Fivemoreminutes1 · 15/05/2021 09:42

Have a look at the Landal parks. Sluftervallei and Ouddorp Duin could tick your boxes.
And here are a couple in France
La Baume la Palmerie
Domaine Sevenier

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