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Where is your favourite part of France for a family?

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Smashmallow · 07/04/2021 18:03

Planning a a family holiday for who knows when! We have been to Vendee and to Paris, so would like somewhere different. Looking for good weather, plenty to do for everyone (kids aged toddler to high school). Preferably a little off the beaten track and not too busy. We would like a bit of space, not a small apartment by a packed beach.

Anyone have any suggestions?

OP posts:
profpoopsnagle · 07/04/2021 18:06

My favourite place so far, is the Puy du Dome region. Have also liked the Dordogne and the Western Loire. But there are many other parts of France we haven't visited yet, that we want to.

VikingNorthUtsire · 07/04/2021 18:07

Look at Alpine Elements. Mountain holidays, bikes, clean lakes to swim in (our hotel has a pool too), ski chalet meals (so breakfast, 3 course dinner with carafes of wine, and tea and cake mid afternoon), and loads of optional activities for the adventurous.

Rainallnight · 07/04/2021 18:11

Île de Ré is amazing. Can get a little busy though.

VikingNorthUtsire · 07/04/2021 18:13

Sorry OP, forgot to tell you where! The Alps, mostly around the Morzine area I think. There are plenty of summer mountain holiday package operators or you could book independently - we enjoyed the package, so relaxing especially having meals included.

Smashmallow · 07/04/2021 20:21

Thank you! Going to have a nosey at everything that's been suggested.

OP posts:
Fauvist · 07/04/2021 20:23

The Gers!

Helenluvsrob · 07/04/2021 20:26

Vendee coast for small kids.
Languedoc for me

astuz · 07/04/2021 21:39

Lac de Chalain - we stayed in a caravan with Eurocamp. It's in the Jura mountains not far from the Swiss border. My DDs must have been something like 7 & 12 when we went?

The location is stunning, next to a lake surrounded by hills, but the site itself can get quite busy, so not sure if it would be too busy for you (it didn't bother me).

Chicchicchicchiclana · 07/04/2021 21:48

Right down in the far south western tip. Montpellier westwards. The çoastal towns are far less busy than the south eaatern half. Ceret, very near the border with Spain, is a pretty town we were very taken with. I love the western Atlantic coast too, from north to south, but the weather can be disappointing if you want sun.

Winnithegreat · 07/04/2021 21:52

Just came on to say Lac Du Chalain too , as mentioned already. We had a caravan through eurocamp (many organisations have tents/caravans in the site). It is a busy site but good fun for all ages. Stunning weather and a gorgeous lake with beach access from the campsite. We’re planning to go back at some point

MustBeDueSomeBetterFeet · 07/04/2021 21:59

Dordogne and the Lot. Les Alpilles region north east from Montpellier. Visit Avignon, Uzes and the Haribo factory (covid excepted).

thefishthatcouldwish · 08/04/2021 05:47

As a child I loved Dordogne seeing the cave paintings was one of the most amazing things I have seen.

It is quite a drive though.

Todayissunny · 08/04/2021 05:51

Lach de serre ponçon. Sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing (also classes for kids and beginners) mountain activities..

riverrunner · 08/04/2021 06:18


The Gers!

Theworldisfullofgs · 08/04/2021 06:36

Normandy. Huge beaches. Not so far to get to.

wowsaidtheowl · 08/04/2021 17:00

Dordogne- Beynac. So beautiful.

IsThePopeCatholic · 14/04/2021 16:26

The Ardèche - river swimming, canoeing, fab scenery.

peak2021 · 14/04/2021 21:31

Agree about Normandy, would also recommend west of Bordeaux, such as Arcachon.

TotalBastardBollocks · 14/04/2021 21:35

Charente, Dordogne

AdaColeman · 14/04/2021 21:54

Brittany, not too far to travel with children, possibly do an overnight ferry which is exciting for children. Gorgeous scenery, lovey old towns, variety of beaches from vast sandy bays to rocky coves. Interesting tourist destinations such as aquariums etc, good range of restaurants, and of course....crepes!

Filmbuffmum · 14/04/2021 21:59

This place near Lyon is amazing

  • stay in a treehouse, boating on the lake, natural filtered swimming pool and huge high ropes course on site, plus a fantastic bird park nearby. Lyon is great too.
Twizbe · 14/04/2021 22:02

We went to sameons loads as kids and loved it. In the summer it's beautiful, loads to do and great for kids.


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Enidblyton1 · 14/04/2021 22:13

So many good suggestions here, it’s making me feel wistful. I’ve spent years going to France so been to most of the places mentioned.
If the weather is good, it’s hard to beat the Normandy and Brittany beaches with young children.
My particular favourites are the Dordogne area and the Alps (but then I prefer rivers/mountains/lakes to the sea generally).
The Alps in summer are wonderful - mountain walks, cowbells, lakes for swimming/water sports, horse riding, tobogganing etc Recommend the Annecy area - Annecy is a beautiful, historic town with castle and lake.

Whatpaint · 14/04/2021 22:18

Yes we took the kids to Samoens in the Alps one summer. They really liked it. Annecy is not too far away too and that is beautiful.

idontlikealdi · 14/04/2021 22:24

Ile D'Oleron, like Ile De Re but a little quieter, not quite as pricey. Just don't attempt to drive over the bridge on a weekend.

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