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Small uk seaside place that's flat!

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cannotfathom · 02/03/2021 19:04

DM is in a wheelchair and would love to go to the seaside when we are allowed. Devon/Dorset would be ideal distance wise and ideally I'd love a quaint little seaside town with some lovely coffee shops, a couple of good pubs, that's pretty flat and not cobbley! Would like to be able to drive to a nice sandy beach.

I don't want much do I? The sort of places I like are St Ives (too hilly for me to push a wheelchair around, apart from the bit by the harbour) Appledore (a good contender but I can't recall if the streets are cobbled or not!)

Not a fan of commercial places like Newquay/Weston. Any ideas?

OP posts:

Glera · 02/03/2021 20:21

Southwold in Suffolk is generally flat other than the slight slope down to the pier. The town itself and along the beach front is flat though and its lovely. You can walk on the pavement all the way out to the harbour too.


LemonRoses · 02/03/2021 20:35

Aldeburgh is flat.
Eastbourne is flat.
Swanage is surrounded by hills.
Somewhere like Southsea - although might be too big for you.
Chichester is flat but not on the beach (although beautiful beaches close by.


cannotfathom · 02/03/2021 20:52

Yes we will have a car and she has a blue badge. She can walk a very short distance.

Love Saunton sands/Woolacombe, but we stayed there last year so thought somewhere undiscovered might be nice (we went to Suffolk last year too, it was beautiful but a bit of a trek for a long weekend which is what we are planning)

I'm searching cottages around Sidmouth as we speak...

OP posts:

Retrogal · 02/03/2021 21:31

Studland is gorgeous too. I think you can hire NT beach huts. It's very flat


VienneseWhirligig · 02/03/2021 21:36

Croyde - quaint village, with a back pathway to the beach which cuts out the hill.


SpongBlobSparePants · 02/03/2021 21:52

I go to Lulworth/Durdle Door, Studland and Swanage regularly (well, not recently) as used to live there and still have family there. Love the steep hills, scenery and beach walks.

Can't beat Mablethorpe or Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire with the kids though. Lovely promenade, great for wheelchairs, or in our case,
scooters and bikes. In some ways prefer it to the naice, Londonified, rich landowner colonised, ridiculously expensive Jurassic Coast of late.

Still have a bit of a 'Gerroff my beach' complex about Dorset, despite being a grockle now.Grin


Funf · 03/03/2021 07:05

Another vote for Llandudno, very flat plenty going on and more further afield.
Conwy is lovely and almost flat
loads to see and do locally via bus or short drive
Its a fantastic base for seeing the area as loads to see and do within 30 mins drive

Llandudno is very nice about 15 mins drive but its a regular bus route
The Conwy Valley is spectacular Bodnant Gardens is nice but check for wheel chair users
Aber Falls and Distillery, the falls can be done on a mobility scooter and is spectacular, its too much for a wheel chair though
If you fancy a City break Liverpool is quite flat and Has, Crosby, Formby and Southport a short ride away all flat, New Brighton is a small seaside place on the opposite side of the mersey


cannotfathom · 03/03/2021 11:26

I've booked a lovely cottage near Seaton! Thanks for the suggestions. Fingers crossed for some sunshine ☀️

OP posts:

Serin · 04/03/2021 17:47

Glad that you are sorted op.
Marazion isn't that flat!! I have many memories of struggling to push a double buggy up the hill when we stayed by the Fire engine pub.


BlackeyedSusan · 05/03/2021 00:05

Broad Haven. Pembrokeshire. Flat at the front but very small. Had a beach wheelchair to hire.

Swanage is steep up the sides to lots of the accomodation but the middle is good and flat at the front. Not sure the middle road is flat out from the clocktower, inland. I seem to remember walking up to the park.


Thebookswereherfriends · 06/03/2021 10:41

Sidmouth or Seaton in Devon are flat on the seafront with cafes etc. Plenty of b&bs.


Thebookswereherfriends · 06/03/2021 10:42

Whoops, cross post! Seaton is a good choice!


1sunnyday23 · 12/03/2021 11:35

How about Weymouth? It's not as quaint but has a harbour and beautiful beach. And there are lots of quaint places near by ?

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