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Rixos Premium Tekirova in Turkey, anyone stayed there?

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BaconAndAvocado · 01/03/2021 19:18

Thinking of going here in the October half term this year.

We’re 2 adults and 2 DCs aged 13 and 15.

OP posts:
balzamico · 06/03/2021 22:03

I've never heard of them but it looks great, I've literally just posted about how to please 13yr old ds and this looks like a distinct possibility.

AnythingConsidered · 06/03/2021 22:17

Not stayed at this exact resort, but we did stay at a Rixos Belek a few years back and had a lovely time.

Usual challenges of lots of Russian (demonstrating the rude stereotype) and wide range of themed restaurants, but have to book very early to get a reservation which was annoying, although the food quality was fantastic.

The snack choices were fab, including fridges dotted around across the resort allowing you to help yourself to can/bottle drinks and ice creams, good buffet type restaurants too. Service at the bars varied depending how busy they were, but was a great range of local and imported drink options.

One other thing to note, although it was all inclusive with no tipping, there was some evidence of people tipping to get bumped in attention

Also, worth checking reviews for the condition of the pool areas, as some on the resort we stayed in were a little run down. Ours had a pretty decent choice of waterslides too, which was popular with my DH and DD13

We had a great time and if I came across a good deal, we would definitely stay in a Rixos again.

BaconAndAvocado · 07/03/2021 12:38

AnythingConsidered I've read on trip advisor that there are slot of Russians at the hotel.
When you say rude, do you mean queue jumping type rude or really drink and loud (like the stereotypical Brit abroad!)
Did their behaviour engrossed g in your enjoyment of the holiday?

OP posts:
BaconAndAvocado · 07/03/2021 13:04

Did their behaviour infringe on your enjoyment?

OP posts:
AnythingConsidered · 07/03/2021 20:59

The rude Russians we encountered queue jumped at the bars, barged through at buffets, not waiting there turn on shared equipment (pool tables / table tennis etc).

Keen to point out though, that it wasn't all Russians. Like many stereotypes, there were plenty of lovely Russians, Ukrainians we spoke too. Just like there were plenty of drunk and loud brits!

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