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Temporary car seat solution?

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bluestar · 01/10/2002 09:01

We will have to get a taxi from the airport in Tenerife to our hotel. Obviously we will not have a car seat and it is unlikely that the taxi will have one. Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to secure a child (nearly 2)? Or is there some contraption that would offer a temporary solution?

OP posts:
musica · 01/10/2002 10:09

Some taxis do have fold down child seats in them - I've not seen them myself but a friend was raving about them - is there any way you could find out if this might be available in Tenerife in advance? Then you could make sure you book a child friendly one.

bundle · 01/10/2002 10:34

the newest version of black cab indeed has a fab booster seat which velcros down from the middle and uses the lap belt - perfect for my 2 yr old dd, she loved it. I don't know about Tenerife but when we were recently in Berlin the minicab driver had a booster seat in the boot, ready for us, nothing was too much trouble. I'm sure in Tenerife they get asked for this a lot. good luck

SueW · 01/10/2002 12:57

Even if there isn't a car seat or booster, at least strap your child in using the belts that are available. It may not be ideal and might mean that if you do crash the child may suffer serious injuries but it is probably better than nothing.

Last Thursday night a car with six occupants crashed not far from my house. I understand the mother and 11mo baby were ejected from the car and died on impact The last I heard the 2yo was in intensive care. Apparently seat belts weren't being used and I think the baby was being carried on the mother's lap.

berries · 01/10/2002 13:33

You can get a seat belt adjuster which will pull the seat belt lower on the child but still allows it to work properly in an accident (Argos). Not ideal but better than nothing IME. Alternatively, take a booster & one of those. The booster will not count as luggage allowance (I don't think) and it means if you hire a car you have something as well.

bluestar · 01/10/2002 14:22

I have just emailed the info desk at the airport in Tenerife to see if the taxis that operate from there have child seats or to see whether we can book a taxi with a seat. If they don't then I will look at an alternative, thanks Berries for the info about the seat belt in Argos. I would definitely like to have some solution as I would not be happy with ds on one of our laps. Thanks.

OP posts:
LIZS · 30/10/2002 19:02

We travelled in a Mercedes Taxi the other day - it didn't seem to be an especially new model- and on the rear seat there was a booster which flipped out from the ordinary seat. There was also a mechanism to hold the shoulder belt lower.

However we have also in the past had problems in taxis with our Rockatot when the rear belts are too short and an air bag fitted to the front. So you cannot always guarantee a safe trip even if you take your own seat.

Even on our Scenic the rear 3 point belt in the middle (safest place for a child) is too short to accomodate it.


sb34 · 30/10/2002 21:01

Message withdrawn

LIZS · 31/10/2002 19:29

Tried the alternative routing in the taxi with no success either (it was a Cadillac though!!) but admit I was in too much of a hurry when tried in ours (I had to fit a friends kid in on a booster as well as our 2) and haven't tried again since but it seemed to be too tight to sit properly on the seat.


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