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Best time of year for Iceland?

54 replies

StepOutOfLine · 21/02/2021 20:58

Looking ahead with guarded optimism!
Options are Sept-March.
Has anyone been in those months?

OP posts:
FiveGoMadInDorset · 21/02/2021 20:59

We went this time last year, cold but not freezing freezing, had a great time.

StepOutOfLine · 21/02/2021 21:43

Brill, thank you.
Cold sounds fab!

OP posts:
Indoctro · 21/02/2021 21:48

I went in December and wouldn't recommend it.

mummytoone28 · 21/02/2021 21:50

I went at March and it was perfect cold and snowy but sky clear enough to see northern lights!

BatleyTownswomensGuild · 21/02/2021 21:53

I went in December and wouldn't recommend it.

I went in December and loved it. Snowy, Christmassy and lovely. Smile

User7538943 · 21/02/2021 21:56

We went in early September and it was nice as the days were still reasonably long, we saw the Northern lights about 3 times, it was probably about 10-12c in the day so not freezing cold, it can rain a lot though and be overcast. We also have been in February and March but the days are much shorter then but it is still nice but much colder. I preferred it in September but it was more expensive iirc

Theimpossiblegirl · 21/02/2021 21:57

I went with DH and 2 teen DDs the week before Christmas (3 years ago) and we loved it. The roads were a bit dicey and prone to shut for several hours, food was expensive and there were just a few hours of daylight, but we had such a good time.
I would love to revisit in the summer and see more of the island, though.

Indoctro · 21/02/2021 21:59


I went in December and wouldn't recommend it.

I went in December and loved it. Snowy, Christmassy and lovely. Smile

When I went it was horrendous snow storms , everything was cancelled, all roads were shut and even the shops etc closed. Only thing open was a small handful of pubs . Locals told me it wasn't great to come sightseeing in Dec as the storms often closed things down. Travel out with the city was too dangerous
User7538943 · 21/02/2021 22:05

We went once in February and it snowed a lot , many daytrips out were cancelled, cars stuck in the snow out of the city, the airport closed on the day we were meant to return so we stayed an extra day

LimitIsUp · 21/02/2021 22:11

I went in August - around 15 degrees I think. Wouldn't want to go when it was snowy and icy

User7538943 · 21/02/2021 22:18

You can generally see the northern lights from late August onwards, the trips usually start up then for them, we saw them just as good in early September as the winter months, it was better in fact as it wasn't as cold for all the inevitable standing about

StepOutOfLine · 22/02/2021 06:35

Thanks so much everyone! Brew

I'm coming back with more questions...
Any particular hotels you'd recommend and did you do your own plan/itinerary/booking or as a package? I usually do my own thing but a friend went on a Tui and loved the fact it was all organized for you.

OP posts:
Indoctro · 22/02/2021 07:29

We did our own thing, easyJet flights were only £70 , found a lovely central hotel for £60 a night.

Upupupintheair · 22/02/2021 07:31

We went in March - it was great. Snow on the ground yet cold sunny days (we got very lucky with the weather)

We did our own itinerary over 7 days along the south coast - loved it. It’s just horrendously expensive, but totally worth it!

cptartapp · 22/02/2021 08:05

We went just after New Year. It was truly beautiful. The days were cold and bright with blue skies and a little snow. Our photos are amazing. Didn't see the NL but weather wise we were extremely lucky.
Flew with EasyJet, stayed four nights in rented apartment city centre and pre booked everything (except NL tour). We did the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon and went quad biking in the lava fields. Smaller tour companies, so minibus as opposed to Coach (check out Trip Advisor).
Food was expensive. We filled one whole case with non perishable foods and made sandwiches for trips out. Spent the money on trips instead.
Would love to go back.

CherryRoulade · 22/02/2021 08:07

If you want northern lights Jan/Feb is best.
If swimming is your thing it’s fabulous and much more exciting exploring the public and natural pools in blizzards.

CherryRoulade · 22/02/2021 08:07

If you’re going to the Arctic way, a bit later as the roads get closed.

picklemewalnuts · 22/02/2021 08:09

It's amazing! We went in august, I think. Didn't see the lights, obviously.

Don't underestimate how expensive it is for food and drink. We basically didn't spend any money there, just the prebooked trips.

TH22 · 22/02/2021 08:10

I went in late November. Christmas lights were just starting and it was beautiful. But jeez it was bitter. Bitingly cold!

User7538943 · 22/02/2021 08:10

We went with TUI and Icelandair, both were packages, I'm a bit lazy with organising holidays. I think the general advice at the moment with all the uncertainty is to book a package holiday as it is better for refunds, cancellations etc. In normal times there is much more flexibility with diy trips and often cheaper, make sure breakfast is included though, then you can eat plenty to set you up for the day, food is very expensive.

Frazzled2207 · 22/02/2021 08:11

We went years ago, in June. Was nice.
Go independently but we had good fun on a couple of coach day trips to see geysirs and other things. We also hired a car for some of the time and drove about a bit which was good. Depending on when your flight arrives and leaves is good to go to blue lagoon enroute as is out by the airport IIRC

User7538943 · 22/02/2021 08:16

And like pp, we also stuffed our cases with non perishable food for trips out, cereal bars, small cakes etc.

Jericha · 22/02/2021 08:39

We went at the very end of March, deliberately as I looked at the data for chances of seeing the northern lights. In the five days we were there we saw them twice, it snowed and there was enough light during the day to go on trips and explore. It was fab.

nicknamehelp · 22/02/2021 08:44

We went start of March was brilliant. I booked through a travel agent but picked my own trips which they also booked. Did the Golden circle in a jeep with snow mobile in. Was def better than going on a coach ad saw more as Jeep could get places a coach couldn't. Food etc was not cheap but we only went for 4 nights and it is worth it.

CaptainMyCaptain · 22/02/2021 08:50

We went in February 2015, plenty of snow (but the streets are heated in Reykjavik centre). It wasn't the coldest place I have ever been although I took plenty of warm clothing, indoors it is very warm. Unseasonable warmth (climate change) meant the glaciers were a bit more melted than they should have been which is worrying. The Northern Lights should have been visible but it was too cloudy while we were there.

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