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Does anyone elses kids not like going abroad ....

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sandyballs · 28/10/2004 16:23

..... or is it just mine? I've just been skimming through the travel threads trying to get inspiration for next years hols when the nightmare of this year's came flooding back!
We took our DDs (3.5 twins) to Menorca for ten days, it was lovely weather and we thought they would really enjoy the beach, the water park, eating out, staying up late etc etc, but they whinged, they whined, they stamped, they fought, ..... basically a couple of pains in the arses who made the holiday hellish, with a few rare nice moments. Previous holidays in this country have been great, even in the rain - they seem to have more fun in Bournemouth than Menorca! When we got home they went back to their lovely, sweet selves (generally!) and told me and DH that they were very pleased to be back home and didn't want to go again.

I love the idea of having these jet setting tots who will settle anywhere and embrace new cultures, but do I have to accept that they are really a couple of "old dears" who love their routine?

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 28/10/2004 16:27

sb - dd and her dh came with us to majorca last year her ds's were 2.5 and nearly 1 and she said never again.

Its not really a holiday when they're that little - you still have a lot of looking after to do and its hot and they get fractious.

Little kids aren't bothered whether the sun shines or not - as long as they're having a good time and with mum and dad it doesn't matter where they are so why not holiday in Britian - at least its beautiful!


Demented · 28/10/2004 16:29

sandyballs, we have had some fantastic holiday with just DS1, he really seems to take well to the whole experience however since having DS2 we have been abroad twice. The first time he was 15 months and hated eating out, screamed every time we went to a restaurant, second time he was 2 years 4 months and happier to eat out but he wouldn't sleep any more than 9 hours a night and wouldn't take a nap, hence he seemed to spend the fortnight in terrible two's mode. We just got back a week ago and he still isn't back to his usual self.


Kittypickle · 28/10/2004 16:31

My DD has been abroad a couple of times (she's nearly 6) but right now she is absolutely desperate to stay in a caravan in the Isle of Wight, a dream holiday according to her ! This conflicts somewhat with the holiday I'm longing to book to Italy !

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