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car sickness

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Piggy · 05/07/2001 23:53

Banana's did not work in our case, my 20 month daughter was sick straight away after eating one.
I've heard that placing cotton fabric underneath can help with static problem, though have not tried it yet.

OP posts:
Alibubbles · 06/07/2001 11:01

I am a little puzzled about people's attitude concerning airbags, I see more and more people putting children in the front of cars in car seats and just turning off the air bags. Why have a car with airbags? - Safety of course!
They are there for a safety reason to prevent serious injury to front seat passengers in the event of an accident.Turning them off and putting the child in the front seems to me to be placing one's child in unecessary danger. Why not put the child in the back from the start, I know it's nice to have your baby in the front, but they can be a distraction to the driver. If you start them off in the back as a babe they don't know any different and nobody I know, knows of a babe getting into difficulty in the back without the mother being aware.(ie choking) use the front seat as it should be, for persons over 12 on the continent is the rule and I think the same. My children always travel in the back, even now at 14 and 15. It's the safest place for them.

I agree that sitting in the front is better for car sickness, (dd was sick) so is the middle of the back as they can't really look out of the side windows.Keep the car really cool - aircon on at 18c. I use travel bands and ginger biscuits. Try story tapes on personal stereo's. They do grow out of it, so there is hope!

Janh · 07/07/2001 19:40

star, the looking straight ahead thing is true but means they can't amuse themselves with books etc. does she have a walkman and lots of tapes to make up for that?

it's also a good idea to restrict drinks to plain nice cold water!

Star · 09/07/2001 07:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Joe · 14/07/2001 09:49

I used to get very sick when I travelled and still do if I dont eat. I have something to nibble the whole journey, sweets, fruit but plain crisps are the best, anything to keep me from getting the hungry feeling as this can make you feel sick even when you are not in the car

Porcupine · 25/04/2007 19:05

LOOK! the oldersy thread in the world

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