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menorca, whats your favourite resort??

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alibo · 27/10/2004 23:57

hoping to go on holiday to menorca next year, never been before, been to cala d'or in majorca couple of times and want to try menorca instead. which are the best resrts to stay in? will be going with ds who will be 1 year old next summer.

OP posts:
Kayleigh · 28/10/2004 08:16

we went to cala galdana in the summer. it was gorgeous and very child friendly. beach is fab as it is in a large bay and is shallow a really long way in. Would definitely recommend.

JoolsToo · 28/10/2004 08:22

Arenal C'en Castell - beautiful bay - nice and quiet - loved it!

CookieMonster · 28/10/2004 08:24

We've been to Santo Tomas twice - small, quiet and child friendly. Can't wait to go back!

Merlot · 28/10/2004 08:30

Cala Galdana - absolutely beautiful and an ideal family holiday. Large sweeping bay of sand backed by pines (I'm in heaven thinking about it ), also buggy friendly board walk [useful for getting them off for the afternoon nap and then you can just lift them down on to the beach, so that you can have `me' time (ah bliss!)]

Only thing is... actual places to stay are set mainly on a steep incline although there are a few a couple of big hotels and a couple of easily accessible apartment complexes. Look up website for indepth lowdown.

This result is sooo beautiful that it can get very busy in high summer - best time to visit is June. Hope this helps.

Merlot · 28/10/2004 08:32

sorry meant to say resort' not result'

captainCOD · 28/10/2004 08:48

for older kids ;son bou

alibo · 28/10/2004 12:54

anyone been to son bou or calan porter??

OP posts:
Kayleigh · 28/10/2004 13:09

Merlot, we went in June ! It really is beautiful. We stayed at the Aparthotel Annabel. I checked the holidays uncovered website first which is one of the reasons I chose it !

berries · 28/10/2004 20:24

Went to Son Bou twice, stayed at big apartment complex (can't remember what it's called now). Great for older kids, but pools v busy when we went (Aug) although you would presumably go out of season? Cala Galdana is lovely but accom is up steep hills so didn't want to do it with kids, should be alright with kids in a buggy though (ours were 5 & 7 last time we went). Want to know anything else just shout.

Yorkiegirl · 28/10/2004 20:27

Message withdrawn

Merlot · 28/10/2004 20:32

I meant to add that I've also stayed in Santo Thomas, which was nice but a bit too quiet (very limited selection of places to eat out - although obviously not a problem if you intend to self cater the whole time).

Dont be put off by the hilly bit, as the resort lies in the valley between two hills, so all the shops/restaurants are mainly on the flat - its just the accommodation that tends to be set in the hillside (just do your research first - Cala Galdana Garden Apartments (Portland) were very well located if you've got a buggy and young kids.

Skate · 28/10/2004 20:52

Stayed in Arenal D'en Castell and even got photographed for a holiday brochure while there!

That's not relevant to you I know. Sorry!

Been to Son Bou on day visit - lovely beach. I prefer Menorca to Majorca.

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