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Buying a holiday home in Spain

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neondragonfly · 16/01/2021 05:05

This is a bit of a window shopping thread but I'm genuinely looking for a place when the time is right and we can all travel again.

I'm trying to persuade DH to buy a holiday home in Spain. We're expats and don't have a UK base so I'm looking for something that's slightly bigger than a holiday home but I'm still able to lock up and leave for months at a time. Family will be welcome to use it but our things will be left in there as it will be our home. I'm aware of Brexit rules and covid restrictions.

Can you help me pin point a few good areas, complexes or reliable estate agents you've perhaps used?

We have 2 preteen DS's. Very active family. Love the beach and to ski. Both boys learning Spanish, don't want anything too nothing rural as the kids need to make friends and get out easily to do their sports.

Any suggestions?

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Hoppinggreen · 16/01/2021 22:17

I would advise you not to
We have one and while we love it (or used to when we could go) if I could turn back time I wouldn’t do it
There are taxes and then taxes and then more taxes
Our dc are a bit bored of it now
Financially it’s not been great, we could have had some amazing holidays for what it’s cost us
DH is a dual British/EU citizen which we may be able to use to reduce our tax bill

We intend to move there on retirement but will keep the apartment as it’s near the beach and buy in town. We will also buy a small property here and spend summers here. Of course we will have to see what the Brexit situation is by then

If none of that puts you off look at the Spanish Algarve, Costa de la Luz on the Portuguese border. Still very Spanish and much cheaper than a lot of areas. Plus you can go to Portugal very easily, well you could Pre Brexit, not as sure now

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