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Anyone been to Copenhagen?

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PuffTheMagicDragon · 24/10/2004 20:58

Thinking about a 2 day break (no kids) beginning of Dec. It sounds VERY Christmassy, which is what we're looking for and flight not too long.

Is it worth a visit?

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Tickle · 24/10/2004 21:01

Ooh yes! I actually live in Dk now, but on a small island - unfortunately don't get to Copenhagen often, but it's VERY stylish and lots of buzz... especially around Christmas

PuffTheMagicDragon · 24/10/2004 21:13

Sounds great!

Which bit do you recommend staying in? As its only 2 days, we want to be in the right area.

OP posts:
pamina3 · 26/10/2004 10:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pamina3 · 26/10/2004 10:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zubb · 26/10/2004 10:23

yes! we went for a long weekend last year and it was lovely. Tivoli wasn't open when we went, but I think it is round Christmas time so its worth checking. Little mermaid is very disappointing, but the walk there is good.
Don't think it matters which part you stay in as its easy to walk it all as its not too big - we stayed near the station, and it was probably a 10 - 15 minute walk into the centre.

Tickle · 27/10/2004 22:06

Sorry Puff - didn't see your question, but like Pamina says it doesn't matter too much where you stay - Tivoli and Central Station are very good landmarks though. Friends went to Louisiana modern art museum and said it was fab (north of Copenhagen). Otherwise I'm sure there will be lots of lovely Christmas lights

Pamina - we are on Samsø in the middle of the Kattegat - it's about the only part of DK I know well, but it's lovely. About 4000 people, but lots more in the summer with all the "summer guests". How big is Romo?

PuffTheMagicDragon · 27/10/2004 22:20

Have booked the trip - our hotel is 250yds from the Tivoli Gardens.

We're going at the beginning of December, so everything will be very very Christmassy .

What's the temperature like there in Dec ?

OP posts:
pamina3 · 29/10/2004 12:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5goldendillydallys · 10/12/2004 10:01

Hi Puff
Was it good? I am going next Friday with the little un and want to know if you had any good tips.

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