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Ok, I want lots of snow and christmas shopping, in December - any ideas?

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PuffTheMagicDragon · 24/10/2004 10:50

Me and a mate want a girls weekend (2 nights) away at the beginning of December. We want to feel very christmassy, so somewhere with lots of twinkly lights, shops and SNOW.

Have tried Helsinki, but its just that bit too far. My friend is a teacher so we can only look flights after 5.00pm.

New York is too far!

OP posts:

golds · 24/10/2004 10:53

Can I come, sounds idealic (sp?) sorry no suggestions


Bellie · 24/10/2004 11:02

What about the Christmas markets in Germany or Austria? No idea if there is guaranteed snow, but a friend of mine went last year and there was some!


wobblyknicks · 24/10/2004 11:03

If you go to Cologne there are gorgeous markets and it usually snows in December - can't promise it tho.


PuffTheMagicDragon · 24/10/2004 11:22

Yes, I was thinking about the Christmas markets.

Do want to wade in snow though .

OP posts:

LIZS · 24/10/2004 11:30

You woudn't be guaranteed snow on the ground in Germany, Austria or even here in Switzerland, although the last couple of years we have a had white Christamsses. However if you went to a city with mountains around they would most likely be snow capped - even places like Innsbruck which I believe has a Christmas market. Just the crisper air makes it feel Christmassy even without the snow !


Tinker · 24/10/2004 11:32

Prague? Budapast?


nasa · 24/10/2004 11:37

Prague would be lovely


LIZS · 24/10/2004 11:53

Have a look at Belgium
Switzerland and Austria

which may give you a few ideas !


hoxtonchick · 24/10/2004 11:55

New York?


PuffTheMagicDragon · 24/10/2004 18:29

Thanks everyone

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