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know of anywhere in the Burgandy region of France?

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sleepseeker · 19/10/2004 12:52

Hi, I'm trying to find a self-catering place in France with 4 bedrooms, preferably in the Burgandy region - or somewhere approximately in that area. Does anyone know of anywhere, or know of a good website/brochure that might help???

Thank you in anticipation!!

OP posts:

Frenchgirl · 19/10/2004 12:57

hi, I haven't been to the Bourgogne since I was little, but remember it was beautiful. You could try this site here


sleepseeker · 19/10/2004 13:33

thank you, i'll check it out . . . .!!

OP posts:

JanH · 19/10/2004 13:38

Try french connections , ss.

I know another good one too but can't remember what it's called atm.


coppertop · 19/10/2004 13:40

I spent a year in Burgundy /Bourgogne and it was lovely.


JanH · 19/10/2004 13:45

holiday rentals is the other one I was thinking of - not many in Burgundy though.


zubb · 19/10/2004 13:48

chez nous

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