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Sandbanks Hotel

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marbeth · 20/09/2002 16:40

Has anyone stayed at the Sandbanks hotel in poole.Thinking of booking a christmas or new year break.will be travelling with one child aged 5.

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SueW · 20/09/2002 23:51

I considered going with my 5yo this summer but decided against it. We would have travelled with my mum and my niece, also 5yo.

The main reasons for not going were:

I thought it was expensive for a 3* hotel. 2 adults and 2 children would have cost us about 200/night as the children are charged at around 30/night each.

They didn't make it clear whether children were allowed to eat with parents IIRC - the idea of a children's restaurant may be thrilling to some but I actually quite like taking DD to proper restaurants to eat (she has done this ever since tiny).

They heavily sold children's entertainment but I didn't like the idea of them offering entertainment but not taking resposnsibility for the child IYSWIM. I may well have misinterpreted their site but I can't see why I should effectively pay for this entertainment (by child's overnight accom price) and them offer it and not take some responsibility. IMO you either offer a proper nanny/creche service or you don't bother.

The holiday I was planning was a week before DD was going in for her operation and I actually wanted to spend time with her, so children's entertainment was not really something I was looking for. And I have been interested by the number of parents at school this year whose children have come out of holiday clubs after the first day and refused to go back in.

As I said originally, my impressions were based entirely on their website so if they read this and I've got it wrong, I'm happy to be put right (perhaps they should update/clarify their website). My experience of travelling is broad - we have stayed in hotels in the US, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, London, many of them 5*. I felt they offered better value for money than Sandbanks, whether they had kids' entertainment or not (in fact, only one was a 'tourist' hotel with organised entertainment and that wasn't at all impressive).

In the end we went in a static caravan in Mudeford, just down the road really for about 1/3 of the price. The weather was great; the girls loved it but I don't think I'd recommend it as a Xmas/NY break

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