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Flying to Newcastle - local info needed please...

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Mo2 · 18/09/2002 20:45

My Mum still hasn't seen ds2 (aged 7 weeks) as she has been in hospital, so I was thinking of making a trip up to Newcastle to see her.
I would fly from London, but given I don't know how much stuff I could realistically take/carry (travelling on own with ds2) I wondered if anyone knows anywhere I might be able to hire/borrow baby equipment from?
Also, any top tips for the travel/flight?

OP posts:
oxocube · 18/09/2002 20:59

Hi Mo2, I am from N/cle although I am living abroad at the moment, but often check out the flights (wishful thinking as I love the place ) I think Go have some good offers just now - about 17 quid each way depending on departure airport - but don't know where you could hire baby stuff, I'm afraid. When are you planning to go there ?

Mo2 · 19/09/2002 16:58

oooh - OxoCube - didn't know you were a fellow Geordie (or did you just live there, not born there?)
I'll probably go up in Oct sometime, and in fact have found a friend from Whitley Bay who may also go up the same time. If I could face it we could drive & share the driving, but the thought of screaming babies in the back for 5+ hours fills me with dread...
Where are you living now?

OP posts:
musica · 19/09/2002 17:03

We've taken ds up north quite a few times to see my parents who are also in the north east ( I grew up in the north east) - it takes us 5 hours to drive, and if ds will sleep in the car it is fine.

musica · 19/09/2002 17:03

Oxocube - whereabouts in Newcastle does your mum live?

Mo2 · 19/09/2002 17:06

Musica - did you mean MY mum (not Oxocube's?)
If so, without giving too much away - north Newcastle, near Gosforth....

OP posts:
musica · 19/09/2002 17:45

Sorry Mo2 - I did mean your's!!! Talk about post-baby 'brians'!!! I used to have close relatives who lived in Gosforth so I know it quite well. I really miss the north-east now I've moved away - there's nowhere quite like it!

Lollypop · 19/09/2002 21:09

Mo2 if you are up to it I'd go in the car. DS should sleep quiet a bit and just make time for lots of stops. I found DD was really good in the car at that age, I think it would be easier than worrying about getting hold of stuff and travelling around once you are there. Say Hi to Penshaw Monument for me, that is always my sign that I'm nearly 'home'.

Ailsa · 20/09/2002 20:10

Another ex-pat here. Born & bred Newcastle & Northumberland. Moved to the Midlands 12 years ago. I don't half miss living up north. Everywhere was handy for the beach. I loved going to Whitley Bay on a nice sunny day. Drove through in June, what on earth has happened to the Spanish City?!?!

I told dh last night that if the right job comes along, I'm going back home. Even after 12 years away I still call it home.

Back to the original question, don't know anywhere to hire baby stuff from, I'd drive too. If you can feed ds just before the journey he may sleep most of it, my two used to and still do. They're 8yrs and 5yrs now!

I used to go swimming at Gosforth every week - jumping off the high board!! Wouldn't catch me doing it now, I won't even jump in off the side.

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